Back to the Island


If you went to the IOW Festivals in 1968, 1969 & 1970 (What do you mean, you didn’t? Are you sure?) you might well enjoy these inside accounts written by one of the fabulous Furry Foulk Brothers and his daughter

I’ve read them both recently and enjoyed them hugely. In the not too distant future there will also be an IOW Festival Exhibition in the Guildhall’s Portsmouth Music Experience show (you must have gone, surely?)

Foulk IOW.jpg

PS: I don’t want Pete getting upset (see first Comment) so here’s the ‘proper’ pic inside the book – incidentally his leg’s are just disappearing in a “swirl of giant colours” (CJMc)



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “Back to the Island

  1. Okay…Pet peeve of mine….Why do they cut out chunks of people in these pictures. The whole half of the Stratocaster body is missing on the pasted in image. Now I can understand that kind of thing back in the days such as the hair hollowed out on the Chirping Crickets LP cover. (By the way I think one of Jimi’s legs are missing as well). No excuse these days given the software available. Goes along with the pictures of bands that have been reversed so they all look like left handed players. Well I take your word for it that it is a good read. They say you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover (Old R&B Song there LOL) but I hope the text is better than the artwork.

  2. Bit petty there Pete!!
    I don’t know about the Hendrix(1970) book but I can assure you that the ‘Stealing Dylan from Woodstock’ is a great read !
    It reminds the reader of the fact that this huge festival was put together by a bunch of amateurs ,learning as they went along ,which made it such a great success !
    And what a contrast it was to the over hyped,corporate ,slick,soulless ,family friendly events we see today!

  3. Thanks Dave for the full picture. Looks like the Hendrix book is readily available over here for about $24. The Dylan one seems to be more exclusive to Europe and Australia for about $58 plus shipping. Well Mr.G I did say it was a pet peeve… I come from the generation that spent hours looking at the sunburst strat on the crickets album trying to imagine what the headstock looked like LOL Well I don’t do the festivals but you are right. Look at the original Woodstock and then compare it to the corporate fiasco when they tried to recreate it in the 90s. Mind you the audiences back then were not so demanding either. Did an Island Breezer Bus tour when we were over this summer and they point out the site of the original festival. A tourist attraction! who would have thought?….

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