Do Call Him Ska Face


Prince Buster RIP



(Thanks to Lenny)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Do Call Him Ska Face

  1. I guess that’s what you’d call non-PC! But do Enjoy Yourself while you can …

  2. Brings back memories of those happy sunny teenage days around the clubs…..Oh Carolina /Al Capone / Madness and One step beyond………………the last two seem to go together well !!!! R I P Captain of the good ship SKA…

  3. Early 1967-It was at that strange time when Mod finished and people either went hippy/psychedelic or you had the hard mod/skinhead thing
    I found myself probably like a lot of people enticed by the new music but at the same time loathe to let go of the old!
    That is when I saw Prince Buster at the Birdcage (date anyone?)and then again at 4 am at the Shoreline allnighter and he was absolutely brilliant!!!
    The following weekend I was tripping at Rowlands Castle !!!!!

    • Prince Buster at the Birdcage was Saturday 20 May 1967 Mr G – that good old Summer of Love!

      • Thanks for that Dave
        How long was that before they closed for the refurb?
        Anyway that was a great night and anyone else out there who went on to Bognor that same night?
        The only two I can remember are Jimmer Parfitt and Little Davey Evans both no longer with us!!

  4. One of the things I prefer these days is no need to choose – enjoy whatever you wish, all of it if you can!

  5. There was one more Saturday at the Birdcage on May 27 with Amen Corner which I have no memory of. By that time it was pretty much down to one show a week. It then shut for a fortnight, re-opening as the ‘New’ Birdcage on Saturday 10 June although the act booked (Denny Laine’s String Band) didn’t show – they came back at the end of July – so I’m not sure if it was just a record night. Through July there were just four Saturday night gigs (H Goins, G Bond, Vagabonds and then Denny Laine). That last one was the last time I ever went there as I disappeared out west through August. The last-ever show was Joyce Bond on Saturday 26 August. Like Davey and Jimmer, gone but not forgotten.

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