Definitely Then


50 years ago this Sunday evening I was at the Guildhall watching this lot


I sometimes find such things hard to imagine, the MJQ in Pompey – what times they were!

(My only drawback was that I had a headache! I’d been kicked on the head playing a Sunday League football game that afternoon. We lost: Pontiac 3 v Portchester 6.)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Definitely Then

  1. Don’t know how I missed that concert! I used to listen to a lot of their stuff back then.Along with Charlie Mingus and the two Jimmies(Smith and Mcgriff). 50 years later-went for a ride on my trusty 1959 Triumph Thunderbird with my old school chum,Al.(last of the summer whine).Lavant was glorious.Cricket on the green. Everyone in whites.Could have been 50 years ago!

  2. Cricket on the green, everyone in whites – sounds like heaven to me Mr Bass man!

  3. different strokes……half a century ago , Soul society crawled out of The Shoreline Club in the early hours after one of those ‘all nighters’ and celebrated Sunday at Hillside youth club……No cricket whites there as I recall !!!

  4. Sept 18th 1966….Buggered if I know where we were playing. Probably some Navy base I suspect. and driving home in the old Fury’s Dormobile with the smell of beer overwhelming the smell of sweat.. I don’t think any of us kept a real diary back then except those doing the bookings and taking the money. Buggered if even remember how much we used to get paid (after transportation expenses and bar tab). Mmmh….
    Bit of an acquired taste the MJQ I guess. I never really acquired it so I suppose maybe I missed something. Thinking aah let me try the link that the dear Dr. has provided. Well 50 years on sad to say it still leaves me cold but glad you boys enjoyed it. In fact I did not even make it to the 2 minute mark. I seem to recall the only one tune of that type that I enjoyed back then was Take 5. Well time to relax with some Foo Fighters and Five Finger Death Punch and a sprinkling of 1000 Rockers to lift me up.

  5. Saturday 17 September 1966……….as a member of Barry & The Strollers, we played at Leigh Park Bowling Alley (8-12, £14/14/-) according to my diary! 🙂

    • The Golden Guineas. If you told a young band today you’d been paid £14.70p they’d be surprised/confused I guess

      • no kidding Dave. funny soon as I read that I knew they had been paid in guineas. funny I do have a gig date book from 1972. my old strat cost 162 guineas since it was colored. sunburst was 157.

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