All You Need Is … ?


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Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ‘Summer of Love’ with all that that entailed. There will no doubt be lots of fuss about it – indeed it’s already started at the V&A.

I have been engaged by some younger academics at the University to work on a Project with them called “I Got Life” which marks the anniversary, seeking to do two things in particular: (1) to produce a local, Portsmouth-based account of that period, set against the conventional histories and (2) to consider its legacy.

It is not merely a musical project, but obviously music will constitute a significant element. I have avoided citing any details here beyond the vague date because I am interested in hearing as many memories and stories as possible – either as Comments on here or as emails to me at the University (dave.allen@port.ac.uk). It’s not essential that you were immersed in what went on – it might be just as interesting to hear from people who were not, or who avoided it.

In the hope of getting a reasonable number of responses I shall leave this post up here, as the latest one, for a while.



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “All You Need Is … ?

  1. First contribution from my memory banks obviously relate to ‘musical events ‘ (although those allnighters at the shoreline club provided certain other avenues of entertainment)
    The year that u.k won Eurovision with the sexy /shoeless Sandie Shaw……’Puppet on a string’
    Sitting on the deck of a houseboat listening to ‘Sgt Peppers’ Otis Redding was inspired to write ‘Dock of the bay’
    The Monterey Festival (june 16-18)……..wish I was there !!!!
    Somewhere around September , auntie beeb had a bit of a shake up in the radio dept ,and produced Radio One /two and three
    Oh and Jimi Hendrix set light to his guitar……(Finsbury Park Astoria ????)
    Best not make to much of the other kind of ‘love’ (true or otherwise) on here for fear of recrimination !!!!!
    “You trust me , don’t you????”

  2. Mmmh Summer of love… Need to do a memory refresh on that year. I will have something for you Dave if get a chance to sit down and write it

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