Days of Future Passed


Or something like that

The Blog is running out of energy. I’m entirely relaxed about that that. It’s about 20 years since I wrote Almost and seven years ago next week since my night at the Theatre Royal (“Here Come the 60s”). Now there is a fine exhibition at the Guildhall, a number of Facebook sites a couple of websites and some books. Maybe that’s enough?

In my current work on 1967, my major interest is the legacy, not another retelling of how Sgt Pepper, joss sticks etc was for you. At the weekend I had an interesting discussion with a Blogger who runs his own projects and raised this question about the demand for more-and-more details about the past

“Sometimes I think most of our generation are so stuck in the past (1960s/1970) that I want to scream,unlike the Punk generation who seem to still seem to have more open minds!! Put this on Pompeypop if you like-it would be brilliant to actually have some debate on the subject!”

So, any thoughts …???



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

23 thoughts on “Days of Future Passed

    • The sixties, seventies and very early eighties were fun years for me doing what I really enjoyed doing being involved in the Music/Entertainment industry.

      I ran the Indigo Vat, Hampshire Terrace with my then best friend Doreen Parsons, later taking over from her completely when she got married. It was an interesting time meeting and booking bands into the club. Many went on to become super stars, Greg Lake (King Crimson/Emerson Lake & Palmer), Jethro Tull who incidentally cleared the place,! Martin Barr (Penny Peep Show/Jethro Tull), Wishbone Ash, Spike Edney (Queen/SAS band.) Simon Dupree etc. Mid sixties I went into partnership with 3 guys and formed an entertainment agency MMF Management, managing and providing local groups to various clubs/venues along the South Coast and beyond.

      Many are still in touch with each other and some are still playing in bands today. I don’t think it is a question of living in the past as some would say, a strong bond has been formed between them and they still enjoy each other company and so do I. We very rarely talk about the past, more like swapping notes on our health problems!!.

      Mick Cooper and yourself have done an excellent job of recording Portsmouth’s history of pop and Mick has covered many years before that too, it is our heritage, OK Liverpool had the Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers and Cilla Black but in my mind we have a lot lot more.

      Perhaps you could hand the Blog over to some one else Dave, if it’s becoming an obligation or perhaps just do a weekly/monthly one.

      Regards Ann Clayton (nee Luckett)

  1. Hi Dave I think my view might be the one most people would find themselves agreeing with which is that I do keep up with the blog but I am not active in commenting or contributing. You are the one making all the running and we much admire and appreciate you for that. Your lectures, books, exhibitions and bringing everyone together at The Kings Theatre are your legacy. I live in the present but like everyone my age nostalgia becomes more important with age that is a fact that cannot be denied. So if you are going to retire from the blog I would say thanks for everything and good luck in whatever you do next because I know you cannot sit still!

    Kind regards


  2. As always Dave I have a lot of thoughts but not enough time to put them on paper. At least not right now as we prepare for a really nasty hurricane heading our way. I really don’t live in those years but do look back by virtue of the blog and have learned a great deal. What seems to me to be the discriminator between the blog and the other media is that on the blog there seems to be an openness and a sense of family. It is also a way of keeping a line open to the past for those of us scattered around the world. Well must run I need to get some sandbags….More later

  3. ref ‘Summer of love’……………….did I read it wrong ???……….My contribution to recollections about ‘summer of love’ seemed to fit into category (1) , and are the things that came to mind when I thought about what were/are the events that I remember from that year…
    (I do still have a diary for ’67 that recalls most of my musical events ,but that’s more about a personal legacy) If enough of us out there could be arsed to add to ‘summer of love’ with these sort of memories/moments that come to mind ,perhaps it might be easier to realize any reflected legacy in our ‘local’ world (and why)…

    5 years ago , you opened the door of the blog to help us become involved in some kind of record that in part would form or contribute towards our ‘legacy’……I think we’ve been on this bridge before mate….it is still a worthwhile project that has become a regular ‘checkpoint’ for me………my thought to our bloggers out there would be that ‘you don’t miss what you’ve got…..until its gone’……..
    To quote Eddie Cochran all those years ago………….”C’MON EVERYBODY”
    Not SOS more like SOB………’save our blog’

  4. Easy answer – because it was the best days of their lives. It represented escape, hope, fun, success, dreams of fame and fortune and gave them a damned good time. There’s nothing wrong in treasuring those days.

    Maybe geography had a lot to do with it. Maybe the period itself – we were the first of the babyboomers to reach our late teens, we knew the world was there and we wanted it. It was all based on hope and joy. Again, nothing wrong with that.

    It was different for me – Portsmouth only took an 8 year period of my life. A great 8 years that I’d not have missed for anything – but even then I was moving out, via local radio and television, then physically. And I’d be lying if I said that being a TV Journalist in NZ and Australia; an international PR Manager for one of the World’s largest industries and working closely with a couple of Prime Ministers wasn’t damned good too.

    Even now, although I seem to spend far too much time having various joints replaced (I have 5 hips, it seems, if you add up replacements……) I still write, my poetry is regularly published and I’m writing the next ones …. Plus we spend a lot of time with friends in Paris and New York, all of them musicians, artists, photographers and writers. The benefits of a life travelling.

    John has won a couple of art awards in the past few years, and in the past 30 years or so has sold scores of paintings round the world; had 3 books published, and is right now working on a 4th.

    Our son (born in this period) flies huge Airbus things for a living, our daughter (also born in this period) is an entertainer in LA and Vegas, and has lately bought horses and is riding dressage. Our grandson flew his first solo flight (in a pretty small plane) on his 16th birthday.

    All part of the product of the happy days you talk about. A period of hope??

    Perhaps some of us haven’t yet found our happiest days, and that is maybe the trick – to recognise them when you do, and treasure them.

    The other question you raise – about punks possibly being more creative and open minded.

    Surely Punk comes from a groundswell of anger and discontent, not from happiness, so maybe negative energy is stronger than happy energy.

    But when I see Phil Freeman with his daughter – Phil who loved the old days and never gave them up,
    come on Dave, you show me a happier, more balanced man.

    I believe the pleasure taken in the memories of the period as positive, not at all negative.

    We are all of a time – the trick is to recognise it.

  5. When did I re-enter the world of Linda Evans? Linda Dupret.

  6. Just after 12.00pm today I’d say…….back to the future eh !!

  7. The blog is great Dave and i always check it out regularly, yes there is an element of nostalgia but i maintain we were privileged to live through a golden era of music and that has as much to do with it as reminiscing . I actually worked with a first generation punk for nearly 30 years and he didn’t move on at all ! He would continual play stuff by stiff little fingers and the clash in his car and wasn’t interested in anything else, so i guess its a case to a point of who you know . Until Punk happened music had ‘progressed’ , it was actually the first step backwards in rock music albeit a high energy one. Ever since an element of the ‘circle, factor has come into popular music. Well that’s my view anyway……do what your heart tells you Dave, but i shall miss your musings.

  8. I wasn’t suggesting I’d pack it in – and there are some kind and encouraging comments here

    So thanks folks – onwards!!

  9. Onwards,and upwards. I hold my hands up . The whole journey from the Theatre Royal,the Blog,The Kings Theatre gig has enriched my life.My name is Colin and I’m a nostalgia junkie. All of my chums of a certain age agree that we lived through some great times! They also feel that a bit of nostalgia doesn’t stop them enjoying life in the moment. Keeeep on rockin as John Crow says. Oh and try to make it on the 9th of December.

  10. Hey, Dave, don’t give this up whatever you do. Make sure it stays a labour of love and they’re the best labours of all…… I’ve always been 100% impressed with your research and your willingness to share it with others. It’s become a big part of many people’s lives to await whatever you’re going to post next! (Apart from the bloody cricket…)

  11. Colin, You nailed it for me. The Blog has enriched my life. To be able to converse with fellow spirits I had never met and then to receive a warm and friendly welcome when I finally got to meet some of them has been priceless. To be able to take my grandchildren into the experience was wonderful. We have one thing in common apart from the music. We have all travelled a long journey to this point and for some of us the road has been a hard one. I know for my family it has. Every one of us is carrying a backpack full of rocks. Sometimes we shed the load and then other times some bugger loads you up again. I guess I did not really think too much about the 60s until the blog. I very much live in the moment and raising a 16 year old Grandson and all that entails means nights spent at the high school and worrying about getting into the college of his dreams. A full time job and no retirement in sight for a while but at 70 I am okay with it. For me there are some quiet times and that is when I turn to the blog. It is like a cool drink of water (Or in Rods case a warm beer) on a hot day. I enjoy reading about music and bands that I had never heard of, chasing down the songs on YouTube and enjoying new sounds. I even enjoy the odd foray into cricket although I don’t follow it. It seems that each of the key players in making the total package what it is deserves a great big Thank You from all of us. For me since out of our 6 piece band there are only 2 of us still upright seeing the fellowship on the blog as band members re-unite for shows or just get together makes me ponder on the experience that we had and ponder a little about life. If you watch the news you will see that Hurricane Matthew is aiming straight at Florida about 1/2 way up the east coast and thats right where we live. Thats a Cat 4 with sustained winds of 140mph and gusts of 165mph. The stores are stripped of supplies and water, people fighting over a package of hot dog buns. Just came in from testing the generator. Parts of the beachside are already under an evacuation order. Well stocked up on water, emergency food and all the other little items you need to survive. So what am I saying here. I love the blog. It is a part of my life, its what I look at with an early cup of coffee by my keyboard. 50s,60s,70s80 whatever its people that make memories and I am thankful that so many on the blog share them. If the whole bloody house gets blown away and us with it then at least the memories are already captured. Blog on folks we have nothing to fear from our memories but our ex wives, Funny but buying some of the freeze dried survival meals some guy asked me what they tasted like. I said actually pretty good. Not up to the standard of my 2nd wifes cooking but my goodness much better than my 1st wifes cooking.

    • Warm beer Pete, I couldn’t enjoy a pint of Pompey Royal if it was chilled, courtesy of The Froddington in Fratton Road. That was some meeting place on a lunchtime. Chatting up the girls from the Co-op, a refreshing pint or 2, an excellent lunch for those that didn’t have time to go home for it.
      I like to think I’ve musically moved on from the 60’s but I certainly don’t knock anyone who wants to stay. Yes, they were great, great, exciting times, it was my/our growing up time musically and dare I say other more adult things in life ? To anyone out there who hasn’t moved on, give it a go, there’s a wealth of good music out there to explore,
      Dave, I think everyone agrees, keep the blog going for as long as possible ! I honestly look at it everyday without fail, it’s a very addictive site…..now where did I put my glass of chilled Black Tower ???

  12. Black Tower rodders !!!!!! I seem to remember I always made a beeline for Laski Reisling………..O M G

    • It was my little jape, I’ve never drunk the stuff in my life, but I know a few ladies that have (possibly still do ).
      I used to get that Reisling from Augustus Barnett in London Road, sadly no longer there. I believe it was just over a quid a bottle ??
      Lieberfraumilch (affectionately now known as nat’s pi.. ) was 96 p a bottle. Do people still drink that stuff I wonder ? It was our introduction to wine drinking so we were none the wiser. At the end of the night, as long as it had the desired effect ie” I’m dying for a Ruby at the Green Mask or Koh-i-Nor”.
      To this very day I will always remember Roger asking the waiter if he minded putting his wet socks in the oven to dry at 3am in the morning coming back from the “Gig that never was “…..ahh happy memories….

  13. This is great guys, many thanks. Keep on Running I think they sang!

  14. 1965 – Port and Lemon or Cinzano and Tonic. Was given a John Collins, when DJ-ing in an officers mess. Thought it was pretty lemonade, had a few more and was violently, oh violently sick 3 hours later. Ah the memories. 😦

    • After drinking that all night and being violently sick, I’m surprised you had any memories, good, bad, or indifferent.
      Lets face it, we’ve all been there, it taught us a lesson we didn’t want to repeat as we then discovered a new word……moderation (of sorts) !

  15. No religious context here , but I’m sure that the ‘Summer of love’ must have produced encounters with a ‘blue nun’… or two , or three……..

  16. Blue Nun, about to make a comeback in a pretty blue bottle but the contents will still be the same ugh !!!

  17. Although there is nothing wrong with nostalgia especially for people of our generation (65-75yrs old) we do tend to only remember the great music from the sixties , but for every Spencer Davis Group there were 10 Freddie and the Dreamers ! Now people on this blog are discerning and therefore at that time we actively sought out the great music and were secretly pleased that it was exclusively ours,not to be shared with the straights!!
    Unfortunately by the late sixties the majority of those creative artists had become so up themselves and self indulgent that finding those gems was rarer!We then had to put up with all the AOR & MOR stuff from the likes of Foreigner and later Fleetwood Mac,so no wonder Punk happened and no wonder it was angry!!!
    It seems to me that very few of our generation bothered with it or the power pop and new wave stuff that followed especially at its local level !!!
    I know Dr Dave has been hugely impressed with he has seen the reformed Emptifish recently,but they are now 50+ years old.
    You should have seen them 30 years ago!!
    Unfortunately not many of our generation bothered thinking it wasn’t quite their thing?

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