Hendrix in Pompey


I’ve been checking out some stuff about that famous event – Wednesday 22 November 1967. There’s an interesting review of the event by ‘Spinner’ in the local Evening News. He is quite complimentary about Jimmy (sic) Hendrix but otherwise said “Never has a pop show been so deafening and so lacking in good presentations”.

But the big question is – who else played? (I didn’t go)

We know that on the tour overall – 16 cities, mostly twice nightly – the normal bill was Hendrix plus Pink Floyd, Nice, Amen Corner, Move, Eire Apparent and MC Pete Drummond.

But there is a Hendrix website called crosstowncurrents.org which has a number of recollections of the night, raising the following questions:

Did Pink Floyd appear? Or was Syd misbehaving?

Did the Herd replace the Move for this show?

Did Jimi play first with Amen Corner closing the show?

Did the Nice play just one number (“Rondo”)?

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

12 thoughts on “Hendrix in Pompey

  1. Are you sure The Move didn’t appear ? My old memory is pretty duff these days but I’m almost certain they did !
    Was’nt there a write up saying they were rather “suggestive” on stage ?
    Does anyone remember when Jimi finished his set, he threw it back over the top of his Marshall stack and you saw the roady catch it ?

    • I was there on the night and saw Hendrix throw his toys out of the pram and the whole set was deafening. He gave his speakers a good kicking from time to time and there were sparks flying possibly from his guitar. I have a feeling that Amen Corner were on the bill, can’t think of any other reason why I would have gone to the show!

    • Yes I was there at the Guildhall and saw him chuck his toys out of the pram, it was absolutely deafening. He was kicking his Marshall speakers from time to time and electrical sparks were appearing from somewhere!! As I was not a fan of his, the only reason I would have gone possibly would have been to see Amen Corner.

      • I am ENTIRELY respectful of your view Ann and grateful for the comment, but by contrast, I’ve always taken the view that Hendrix is one of the very few real geniuses to have graced the world of ‘pop’ in the past 60 years. But I wonder to what extent that is largely because I’m a bloke and/or a ‘muso’? Is that his principal fan base?

  2. No I’m not sure about any of those questions Rod – so thanks for that memory. I’m just taking stuff off that web-site suggesting these things, and asking whether that fits the memory of ‘Pompey Poppers’?

    Similarly, I’ve read more than once that on the Montez/Roe/Beatles tour in 1963, the Beatles were so popular they switched to the headline act midway. However one of the last gigs was in Pompey, I saw it and the Beatles did not finish – they were last on before the interval, with Montez headlining. I’ve met others who confirm my recollection.

    • Yes I was there, the place erupted when the Beatles came on, in fact most of the fans including my friend screamed so much and were out of their seats you really could not hear the Beatles sing at all ! Chris Montez was top of the bill..

  3. Iwozthere woz there! I was sitting towards the right side and I can remember how loud the whole thing was. From where I was sitting you could clearly see the roady pop up to catch Jimi’s guitar after he played Wild Thing. I also seem to remember Jimi tearing into one of the Marshall cabinets with his guitar (…à la Pete Townshend). I could see through the rip, that it didn’t have any speakers in it!

    Another link here

    I think Rod is right that The Move were on that night

  4. I am very certain Eire Apparent were the support band on this occasion

  5. Thanks everyone – keep ’em coming

  6. Pink Floyd definitely played – i remember their screen (or what looked like a large sheet supplied by the Guildhall?) wasn’t large enough for their light show so the top third was missing. The Move and The Nice were good. Jimi H. performed a stunning set, playing his guitar with his teeth for one solo.
    Pretty sure he didn’t team up with Amen Corner for any numbers.

  7. PS Can’t remember what music The Nice played.

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