Dark days


I know this is a music site but most of you know that I grew up and spent most of my life also loving Hampshire cricket – and particularly the days they came to Pompey. The first game I saw there was in 1959 and the wicketkeeper Leo Harrison died a couple of weeks ago. This morning I heard their opening bowler Vic Cannings had died and by lunchtime the opening batsman Jimmy Gray had gone too. One of the few survivors now is Mike Barnard who also played for Pompey. A sad day for me.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Dark days

  1. Also Portsmouth’s very own top jazz singer Jo Baker has passed away, a sad day for me and a lot of her fans as well.

  2. Sad news re: some great Hampshire Cricket players. Although I present a 60`s show on Angel (soon to heard clear as a bell on FM in across the whole of Pompey-ariels in place -transmitter is ready just waiting for Ofcom to change the frequency) like David I got round to talking about Cricket as a listener was listening to me whilst watching Sky`s Test Match game on the telly- I mentioned the days of Hmpshire playing matches at several grounds including the United Services venue in Burnaby Road. I recalled the bow legged Henry Horton you could drive a bus through his legs, The terrific Roy Marshall, the bowler who could bowl all day Derek Shackleton, big Butch White, the player who looked like he`d had a good night out every night Colin Ingelby Mackenzie, the later to become a test umpire Gosport`s Trevor Jesty and one of many cricketers who also played Football Mike Barnard. I remembered the cricket “weeks ” we had and the green single form Programme which was updated by “Doreen” on her type writer then printed off. I also recalled my father instructing me never to walk in front of the pavilion at any time “full of toffs and Officers!” he would inform me-even he had a chip on his shoulder! Whilst watching the officers viewing all the games free of charge from their vantage point in the adjoining Nuffield Officers Club I though that could be me one day but my Buckland education rather hindered me me becoming a Naval Officer- and Kingston Secondary Modern School metalwork classes making a toaster or a hammer each week didn`t stand me in good stead to commanding a frigate. Cricket was lovely then-can`t say I`ve any time for this 20/20 noisy gimmcky game which I feel they could easily swop a cricket bat for a baseball bat as they just seem to just wack the ball and then geyou have some person playing Hi Ho Silver Lining at full volume. Those wonderful days of EW Swanton doing the summaries, Peter West and the team chatting about cricket, Ritchie Benaud , John Arlott and Johners- Rose tinted glasses?- probably but an era gone for good

  3. Very Sad to hear about Jo Baker. Rod please convey my condolences to Stan when you see him. Another great talent gone and another fine “Pompey” singer that never won the fame she deserved.
    So well Cricket… I can understand the feelings of loss and I really do agree with Pete that the game reflects a more refined pace. God forbid they play those rinky dink fanfares when a guy hits a 6!!! I thought only in the crass world of baseball they did that.
    I never did like cricket. Hated to play it in school. At Copnor Modern I think we had the cast off gear from the Toffs (As Pete so nicely puts it). Anyway the pads were all missing buckles and the gear was just crap. We used to play at the end of Tangiers road on the grass there. Aah memories. Hurry up and get bowled out so you could lay on your back and cloud watch. But really it is the pace of the game and the “englishness” of it all. Stop for tea and cucumber sandwiches. Nice and all gone forever sad to say.

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