Why ‘Brady’ / the Who?


The very fine Birdcage DJ was a local guy, Pete Boardman, known as ‘Brady’. I thought he was nicknamed after Brady in the TV series The Invisible Man because of some facial resemblance – but by definition you couldn’t see the Invisible Man … ???

(Colin W?) Did the J Crow Combo play one London gig (Club Noreik) headlining the High Numbers and another all-nighter with the Who. or were they the same gig?

(I’m beginning to tidy up some historical facts)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Why ‘Brady’ / the Who?

  1. Brady was known as Brady because he did a killer imitation of himself being attacked by the invisible man. It really was great. So was Brady – a lovely bloke.

  2. The same gig,Dave. I’ve dined out on the fact that we were billed above the Who for years.(well would have done if anyone was willing to pay!) The lovely John Bedford was our manager at the time. He had arranged an all nighter at the Club Noreik off of seven sisters road “up smoke. We were to be the top of the bill backed by some outfit called the High Numbers,who were unknown to us. By the time of the gig they had changed their name to The Who and were,of course top of the bill! They had a large local following,and people flowed in and out all night. If you asked for a coka-cola with a sly wink and a good handful of cash, you got it topped up with a slurp of rum.(they had no alcohol licence). Most of the mods were on something a bit more chemical or aromatic! I have read somewhere that the Who band members didn’t get on with each other or “hang out” together. On the night there did seem an odd atmosphere. We had shared gigs with Georgie Fame,Jack Bruce,Ginger Baker Etc. who had all treated us as equals,but these guys seemed a bit stand-offish. Obviously that was their default dynamic. They had not progressed to their trademark instrument smashing,but were doing lots of feedback and guitars colliding with the Mike stands. I’m not sure if John remembers anything else,and if I remember anything I’ll add to this.

  3. Many thanks both. A bit more history ‘firmed up!’ Cheers!

  4. great insight into those ‘heady days’ of 1965 Colin……..Default Dynamic……simple but brilliant combination of words….

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