A Novel Question


A bit cinema/tv-oriented too

If you were there in the Swinging 60s were there any novels, movies, TV shows that were ‘influential’ in any way in terms of how you lived (fashion, style, music)?

I started out wondering whether any of you out there read Absolute Beginners at the time of publication, 1959 (I didn’t read it until years later). But now I’m asking a broader question – anything book, TV, cinema …



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “A Novel Question

  1. I never read it but : Bert Weedon’s Play in a Day, seemed to be part of life and listening. I’m pleased so many did read it.

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  2. IN A FEW WORDS…….NME , BEATLES AND ROLLING STONE MONTHLY ,OH BOY/SIX FIVE SPECIAL ,READY STEADY GO ,PIRATE RADIO (post Luxembourg) and the odd bits of teen interest on the telly…..oh and the vinyl of course….and the fact that my parents let me ‘get away’ with quite a lot….i think I should put a shout out for The Technical High School education through those years ….
    I didn’t spend much time reading ,I spent too much time doing….

  3. In the late 60s – Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ and the novels of Herman Hesse. Colin Wilson’s ‘The Outsider’, as well.

  4. Don’t know whether you’re interested in magazines, but I remember ‘Petticoat’ being influential for me. Other than that, ‘Ready Steady Go’ is all that’s come to mind so far.

  5. Too many to think of really but these spring to mind:-
    ‘The Great Unknowns’ series in Record Mirror that introduced me to Arthur Alexander, The Miracles, Ral Donner etc etc.
    ‘Some People’ 1962 film that portrayed teenagers as I knew and understood them. Despite it really being an advert for The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (which is probably how it got made) , it featured a moody Ray Brooks in donkey jacket and jeans with wide turn-ups, motorbike races, music by the Bristol group, The Eagles, shrinking jeans to fit while wearing them in a hot bath (never worked for me), fights with Teds plus getting banned from the local youth club (which happened to us).
    ‘The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner’ great film starring Tom Courteney about how to be a rebel and screw up your ‘superiors’.
    A paperback book called ‘Protest’ which included ‘Howl’ by Alan Ginsberg, Norman Mailer’s ‘White Negro’, excerpts from ‘On The Road’ and loads of other stuff.

  6. I am with Graham on Some People, The long Distance Runner. Books by Gavin Lyall (That I still read today) Our choice in modifying amplifiers was driven by the Spotnics gig at the Savoy. Many more but somewhat tired after a very long ugly Presidential Campaign that grated on the nerves so will limit what I write tonight.

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