Locarno poster 001.jpg

Thanks to Graham for this. It’s 1969, and he writes

“A turnabout for The Locarno as, when they first opened, they used to employ doormen armed with scissors to cut your hair to 1/2 inch above your collar before they’d allow you in. Needless to say, we avoided the place like the plague”.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Blown?

  1. I was a young uniformed cop at the time – in 1969 I never had the problem of my hair being too long to get in!

  2. For me it was enough to get endless grief about the length of my hair at school. I was a Birdcage/Kimbells boy because that’s where the best bands played (and occasionally the Savoy). Always had the feeling that the Locarno/Mecca was for dancers (not me). I think the first time I went there was when I played with Rosemary and then Gilbey Twiss. But in the late 1970s there were some fabulous gigs there – notably Talking Heads and Culture (with Sly & Robbie)

  3. Anyone remember the support groups ‘Concrete Parachutes’ or ‘Halcyon Order’?

    • In my (Theatre Royal) booklet “Here Come the Sixties” I reported this gig as “the Pretty Things, the Alan Bown! and local groups Concrete Parachute and Halcyon Order played at the Locarno” but apart from that “local” bit I don’t know anything. I wonder whether it was the AB Set (soul/Birdcage) or the later British psychedelia version without Set but with ! (?)

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