The good old days when you grew your hair and dreamed of being really radical?

Here’s you chance to stick it to Capitalism once again

It’s ‘Black Friday’, so

Buy nothing all day

Fuck ’em


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

13 thoughts on “Remember

  1. I did sneak into my newsagent and bought a middle England Daily Mail with no discount-I trust this won`t count against me!

    • Buying the daily mail anyday counts against you Pete


      • And the thing is my dear old DJ, I remember those days when you had John Peel home for tea and you’d tramp the streets of Buckland flogging ‘International Times’ and ‘Oz’ to raise money for the people’s front .. (and back)

        And now? Over the hill (Portsdown that is), out in the sticks, Cross Mansion, Daily M …

  2. I agree. The media have invented a non-existent day when we have to spend all our money and people have actually fallen for it.

  3. Well I must agree with the sentiment. However I will be making a run to my local Gun Shop to pick up an 1871 Mauser for my collection. It’s a good price but not discounted so I don’t feel like I have given in to the crass commercialism of Black Friday. I guess I could have waited as tomorrow is “Small Business Day” where we are encouraged to visit a Mom and Pop type shop and buy something. Nah I will be at the range getting some Black Powder “Aromatherapy” with my new (old) weapon. So if you venture out today “Keep Calm and Fix Bayonets”

  4. WHAT EVER CAME OVER ME…….I have just bought my daughter & Farrow junior a new t.v. for Christmas…………….guess what….its black !!!!!!

  5. O Jeez Phil. Sounds like you need an “Intervention”

  6. EVERY Friday is “Black Friday” for me. I sing and rattle the cutlery at a “closed” session on Kinvarra, Co Galway, every Friday, and have a couple of pints of what the Irish call “the black stuff”. But they’re ‘on the house’ for the musicians, so although I won’t be buying anything I’ll still celebrate Black Friday……

  7. Solidarity Brother……(or Sister)

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