I’m very fond of Victorious and so, delighted to see that MADNESS are topping the bill on Friday night. If they could follow EMPTIFISH that would be a right laugh!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Bonkers!!

  1. Unfortunately Victorious don’t actually pay local bands Dave which is one reason I am not at all fond of it or its ethos!

    • It might depend what you mean. If for example the RMA have a stage within the Festival and therefore advertise themselves, who should pay (I’ve no idea whether they do pay)? What I can confirm is that I took around 30 people in the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra to play Victorious for one hour last year on which basis everyone of us got a free ticket for the day – the equivalent of about £600. Last weekend I did a pub gig in Southsea, three x 45 minute sets for which I got £20 (£120 between six) and unlike Victorious had to supply own PA etc. Victorious brings Pompey to life and it offers local bands significant exposure and a gig the like of which many would otherwise never do – some of my guys were absolutely thrilled to do it.

      • I think we should agree to disagree on this one
        All I would say as someone who is performing then you would have a pass anyway,and free passes don’t cost the promoters anything,and as for exposure ,al I’d ask is exposure to what and who?

  2. As Ken Brown has said today on Facebook,anyone else would be prosecuted for advertising their gigs on the common!!!

  3. Mr Greedy is of course absolutely spot on – a free ticket is worthless. If you play for nothing then you’re really saying “my music is worthless too”! Musicians / artists have to put a value on what they do. Offer it for free then not only are you doing yourself a disservice, you’re doing likewise to your fellow artists who would be expected to follow suit. The old “it’s great exposure” argument is not valid at all – yes you’ll play to a few people who will watch a few numbers and walk on by, and that’s about it. I’m pretty sure the food vendors won’t be offering their services for free because “it’s good exposure”. “Good exposure” doesn’t pay the bills! Would a token £25 each band member, plus free ticket break the bank? No of course not.

  4. Never liked them when they were young.

      • Sorry,
        I didn’t, read the comments, Madness as for playing for nothing, always in my experience the band came off worse, even on so called contracts.We would have on our contract 2 one hours the promoter 3 hours and you try to tell Bob Potter we are only doing 2 hours (remember the big guys he had arround him?

  5. Who wants to listen to the same band for 3 hours anyway ?

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