For What It’s Worth

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I’m planning to spend a great deal of time over the next 12 months examining the legacy of 1967 – not really in terms of beads, bells and Sgt Pepper but rather what came to be called the counterculture where, however bonkers/misguided some aspects might have been, young people got on with the business of trying to turn the world into a better place.

Much more of that later but the fractious discussion that has emanated from my entirely innocent and cheerful post of two days ago has me thinking I’ll get going now. So I’m going to post various things over the next few days which document or propose initiatives which are ‘counter’ the idea of pop entrepreneurs simply ripping off young bands.

But before I start I need to make one thing clear. I’ve said this publicly before and I hold by it. Mr Greedy and I are agreeing to disagree about the Victorious/local bands etc issue. Back in the 1980s when he and Jim Lawrence set up the now legendary Basins, my band the Reds were the first ever to perform there for him, and we played at all three Basins venues – SPECS, Kimbells and Basins – I believe the only band that can make that claim.

During that time he treated us as fairly and generously as any local promoter I ever worked for (Linda at the Oasis was comparable back in the late 1960s). So any disagreement we might have needs to be seen in the context where I think he has every right to question the actions and attitudes of other promoters who don’t behave properly.

OK – first point. The Southsea Skiffle Orchestra played for free (& tickets) at Victorious last year and Ken B thinks that means what we did was “worthless”. But we played in the World Music Village which was one of the distinct, separately managed stages within Victorious – perhaps there were others?

Crucially, the World Music Village was raising money all weekend for the charity ‘Arms Around the Child’ (https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1436389). So I don’t think that playing for them was worthless and – because I can play music and I have a band – it was simply one way in which I was able to put my political ideas into practice, beyond a X on a ballot sheet once every five years. What’s more, I’d do it again like a shot.

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “For What It’s Worth

  1. ’cause the more you pay,the more it’s worth
    and where was the boy,who rode on her back?
    with his arms holding tightround her neck?
    how tightly he clung
    when they both were young
    and fate had not let this poor girl be so disgraced.

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