Almost Cut My Hair


Over the next twelve months my focus will be on the transition from mod/soul and pop to all the fun and excesses of 1967 and beyond – psychedelia, the Summer of Love, Sgt Pepper and all that. Here are a couple of photos – one perhaps familiar, the other recently acquired – which show something of that change. First, a group of Birdcage boys in late 1966:


On the right (above) is the very smartly attired Steve Conway, looking every inch a top Mod. Just a few years later he’s on the right again, below:


Seems as though the suit and tie are long gone and the hair is definitely sprouting. On the left is Steve’s sister Lyn – Mr Tench and I performed at her wedding back in 1969 at the Star in Lake Road. And who is that man with all the hair in the middle? Who could it be?

Incidentally, I’m guessing this might be the Bath Festival of 1970 or one of the IOW events?

And my title comes from a David Crosby song.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Almost Cut My Hair

  1. A great photo, but Keith and I are a bit unsure about the date. Could it have been earlier in 1966 or even late 1965. The poster in the background does give a clue as dates of the Alan Bown and John L Watson gigs look like Friday 6th and Saturday 7th and the only weekend in 1966 which would correspond is 6th/7th of May. Mike Cooper’s site gives the dates as 10th and 11th April 1966. Do you by any chance have those gigs in your diary to settle this one ?.

  2. Hiya. Mick is correct that those two bands played on those dates in April but the problem on this photo is on the edge – it’s actually the 16th and 17th of December 1966 – a Friday and Saturday. If this was taken the week before (possible?) it was Saturday 10 December, the last-ever appearance of the Action as a five-piece at the Birdcage.

  3. Well that’s what too many hippy drugs do for your apppearance !!!!
    To be fair neither Steve or myself allowed our barnets to get much longer than in the IOW picture and certainly never got near the length of Lenny’s or any other musos for that matter !!!
    Personally once I noticed the first bald patch in 1979 it was back to a crop for me except for some nonsense with a ponytail in 1990!!

    • It’s strange how preferences change. I’ve always had thick hair and lots of it – still have – but whereas I loved my long hair in the Rosemary days (1969/70) now it never gets close to as long as yours or Steve’s in the photo and I hate it. I can’t help feeling that in terms of appearance, to a very large extent, once a Mod, always a Mod ??

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