Winter of 2017


And here, as promised, some local excitement in a couple of weeks. The support band Oh! Gun Quit, features a lively young lady in leather hot pants who plays the trumpet and the hula-hoop (simultaneously) – check the photo.



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Winter of 2017

  1. Huh. I could do that….

  2. Not with those legs though …

  3. I’m wondering whether Mr Greedy, who is promoting this gig, is, like me, watching Pompey on TV tonight? I don’t watch much footy these days but in my playing days I was a centre half – not very special but that’s where I played (Aizlewood, Went, Gilbert etc). This current Pompey side are intriguing – it seems to me they don’t pick anyone to play there? It seems a bit risky!

    • Actually Doncaster ain’t got one either. Is it a new rule in the 4th Division? It makes it exciting! PUP.

    • ‘Oscar’ has just contacted me to say that Paul Went, mentioned above, died yesterday. That’s a bit spooky and I’m very sorry to hear it. ‘Oscar’ and I shared fond memories of the brief pairing of Went & Manley – a prototype for Blake and Gilbert in the next decade. RIP.

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