Pompey Punks – new movie


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Oi!

  1. About 7 minutes in there’s an interesting point by Russ Bestley about conventional histories which are challenged by the later significance of ‘the Provinces’ (that’s us). I think it applies very well to earlier periods too (mods, hippies etc). It might be that we ‘followed’ but not necessarily slavishly – and in a way that made things more noticeable, more significant.

  2. Interesting. Good to see Nige Brown, who was the singer in the Government (when I was bassist). I guess time constraints mean much is left out but the Cumberland Tavern and Rotary Club were huge venues for the punk bands back then. There was a lot of cross over into the R’n’B scene at the time too. We played as much Feelgood stuff as Clash, more in fact. I suppose it was an attitude more than just the music. That said, I’m not sure a perm was particularly punk at the time!

    Of course, my taste improved considerably in the ’80s.

    • I liked that R&B crossover, which grew from the clubs and pubs (pub rock). I remember doing a gig at South Parade Pier, mid-70s, supporting Ducks Deluxe, the original Feelgoods were terrific and I remember a band called the Count Bishops too. Cheers Steve.

  3. Wow thanks for posting that. Very interesting and I am so glad that the PME were involved in the show. I always felt that punk was essentially a “Reset” of the music scene. Kind of a back to basics. In some respects the DIY approach they discuss is similar to our early days playing through radio output stages back in the late 50s. Very enjoyable movie.

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