The Hippies took over

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While no one was looking

Today’s Observer Magazine carries a range of pieces all of which might be seen as having their roots in the late-1960s. The first shows a very stylish long-haired male model in a floral display of the latest fashions from ‘House of Hackney’, while two of the main articles are by food critic Jay Rayner attending a challenging silent retreat, and reporting on others (inc Leonard Cohen) following similar “wellness’ activities, while American writer Ayelet Waldman reports on “microdosing LSD” to address “a near-suicidal depression”.

Towards the back of the magazine there are the regular columns, including one offering advice about a sexual relationship, another (“A Brush with Greatness”) in which Rick Wakeman describes working on a recording session by David Bowie in 1969, Lucy Siegle’s “Ethical Living” about the “Eco Guide to Taking Action in 2017”, and Nigel Slater’s “Food & Drink” recipe for “Midweek Dinner” – nothing less than Spiced Lentil Soup.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “The Hippies took over

  1. Yes it certainly didn’t take long after 1967 for the Hippie Entrepreneurs to show their grinning faces(Richard Branson) with their pretence of being caring bosses and philanthropists!!!
    They are just more of the same,with trendy embellishments!

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