Things we might miss


I was driving back to Pompey on the M27 today and on came “Earth Angel”. I’ll always miss new Doo-Wop (nothing since Reuben & the Jets perhaps?) but what made me think more particularly about this topic was Skeeter Davis singing “End of the World” and all those spoken passages in old pop songs (“Are You Lonesome Tonight”, “Ebony Eyes” too). Does anyone ever do that now? (and no, Rap doesn’t count).


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

11 thoughts on “Things we might miss

  1. Aha Earth Angel one of the first 78’s my Mum bought. Played this to death when I was about 10 – we had the version by the Crew Cuts not The Penguins. The old clips of Doo Wap on YouTube still make for a great watch.

  2. I have thought for a long time a band doing Doo-wap would go down well, yep and l love it to.

  3. The closer you are by the channels on Marc Tuddenhams(then) state of the art record player,and lusting after Sue and Andrea, a few doors down. Sublime.

  4. Interesting thread. Those old groups (or some of them) were finally recognized in 2003 in LA and were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. One group was The Chantells. My wife was working with one of those ladies who had become a school teacher and she was really pleased they finally got some industry recognition. She was very excited about it all. Still never made any money out of it though.

  5. Dave – you might recall you shared a stage with C.P Lee at The Cellars during one of my Dylan Conventions…. here he is with one of the great songs he did when he was da main man with Albertos Lost Trios Paranoias. I first saw them supporting Curved Air at The Locarno.. Loved ’em ever since, and now I’m happy to say C.P is now a close friend!!

  6. Was this supposed to be a serious recording or am I missing the point ?

    • The Albertos were never famous for being “serious” Rod. I guess this is mostly their take on the Elvis ‘Old Shep” song and maybe the most recent talking song (?). I met CP Lee once in JR’s company and he was delightful, including a very entertaining show although I don’t think he performed this.

  7. Thanks for the info Dave !

  8. seems like the ‘doo wop’ tradition is /was alive and living in Espana recently……….OLE…..
    P’raps check out ……The Doo Teens and a group called Earth Angel……They were around half a dozen years back…..

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