All Change?


There was a fascinating weekend at the Birdcage 50 years ago. It began on Thursday evening with one of the tried-and-tested soul bands, Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band, while in London Jimi Hendrix was at the Speakeasy.

On Friday night, the club had a Ska records session “Prince Bustup” and a little earlier, around teatime, the UK got its first TV viewing of the Monkees show. There was another Ska records show on Sunday (“Scatterbrain”), while on the Saturday night (21.1.1967) Pompey had its first live taste of psychedelic light shows accompanying this lot:


(including Syd of course)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “All Change?

  1. The Pink Floyd at the Cage in January ’67 was memorable to me for the disparity in fashion between the band and the audience!
    There I was in my midnight blue Salvo mohair suit with Cue at AustinReed boned button down and military tie watching these guys with long hair and 🌺 flowery shirts !
    Mind you the fact that cannabis had at that time taken over from amphetamines as the drug of choice with us moddy boys, made it all seem excellent!!!
    By the way Geno Washington is still going strong and in another strange turn of events is headlining the Undercover festival at Margate in September,which is a predominantly Punk & Ska festival!!!!
    So diversity is alive and well 50 years on !

  2. I remember the Floyd concert, but, unlike my chum, by this time, I recall, I had disgarded the mod apparel. I do know that Syd commented on the club being inhabited by mods.

  3. I’ve just discovered an interesting coincidence: Apparently tomorrow is the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd debuting “Dark Side of the Moon” in full at Portsmouth Guildhall while also the 50th anniversary of them appearing in Portsmouth for the first time at the Birdcage. I’ll bet by that later gig there weren’t so many mods in the audience!

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