And they did!!


(Change that is)

The real delight about this Blog centres on all the connections, old friends, new friends, great memories – and I’ve recently been contacted by a young man Chris Harris whose dad was in Citizen 63, was one of the top mods in the Birdcage days and – as this photo shows – clearly enjoyed himself in the Summer of ’67 and beyond. I saw him last at Mr Greedy’s 60th some years back but here he is way back, Dave Arney, centre stage with another Pompey mod Barry Thane who I’m delighted to say, is still with us

And the lady?

I’ve told Chris to watch the Blog so let’s hear some stories



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

19 thoughts on “And they did!!

  1. Where did you find the photo Dave?
    Never seen it before!!
    Very Summer of ’67 !!!
    As for the lady although the face is familiar,I can’t put a name to it !
    Mind you a lot of the girls in those days tended towards the transient!

  2. Could it be Les Cryer/Thane, Barry’s partner at that time? It certainly isn’t Dave’s partner, Rose.

  3. I have just enlarged the photo, and, as a result, am not even sure the third person is female. Could it actually be another of our group, now departed, who had hair the same length, and whose initials were MN?

  4. Didn’t MN have much lighter coloured hair?

  5. Barry would know, post it to his FB page.

  6. The only Harris I can remember is Rick Harris (‘tho I don’t think he appeared in’Citizen ’63’).
    He was a drape-coat wearing Eastney boy, then a Mod before becoming a really cool hippy and one of the nicest blokes you could ever wish to meet.
    I think he may have had a long affair with Leah then went to Australia or NZ – not sure if he’s still with us.
    Could it be him in the photo?i

  7. Apologies – misread your post.

  8. Barry Thane has just confirmed that the third person is his ex, Lesley Cryer!

  9. When I first showed the photo to My Resident Astrologer she had a vague recollection of the young lady but couldn’t place her. Now I’ve told her the name, she’s sure they worked at George White’s (Ladybird clothing) in Gosport, around 1966, as seamstresses – if so, I guess Lesley, like MRA might be originally a ‘Gosport Girl’

    • My great music-making pal Denis (Skys Is Cryin, the Reds, Reet Petite & Gone, Scarlet Town etc) is married to Lin who also worked at White’s and confirms she knew Lesley there. We’ll soon have her full biography!

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