The weekend started yesterday


In 1967 that was. Am I right in thinking that Thursday was payday in the Dockyard back then? There was often entertainment around on Thursday nights in Pompey, and on Thursday 26 January, Charlie & Inez Foxx returned to the Birdcage. I saw them on their first visit back in the Kimbell’s days (1965) and good fun they were (“Mockingbird”, “Hurt By Love”).

So typical soul that night, but 50 years ago tonight it was Ska records only, called “Let’s Escape”, I’ve mentioned the early ‘prog’ lot the Syn on Saturday and then on Sunday more ska records (“Helter Skelter”).

Also 60 years ago: today, in Kent, the Beatles shot that very interesting ‘surreal’ film for “Strawberry Fields Forever”, Pink Floyd played UFO in London with the ‘free’ jazz improvisation group, AMM Music**. On Sunday, Jimi Hendrix and the Who were together at the Saville Theatre, six months before Monterey Pop. During this week, Thomas Cahill, the Chief of Police in San Francisco coined the phrase “The Love Generation”, and in that city, on Sunday, there was a “Mantra Rock Dance” at the Avalon Ballroom to raise money for the local Hare Krishna Temple, featuring  the Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, Big Brother & the Holding Company and Allen Ginsberg.

**More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMM_(group)

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “The weekend started yesterday

  1. I can remember Charlie and Inez Foxx at the ‘Kimbell’s Birdcage’ ! To me they were a big name. I can’t remember the support – it might have been the Shevelles- but I do remember that there was a minor fire. Ricki gave a certain person free membership for life for putting it out, albeit it was probably that certain person that started it !!
    Ricki’s ‘sound system’ used to amuse me, one step up from a Dansette ! He could make the long versions of Watermelon Man and Wade in the Water last virtually the length of the break.
    What heady nights they were then, a feeling that I can’t put into words.

  2. I loved that night Oscar – one of the first times I saw a genuine USA soul act live. Geno & the RJBand were the advertised support but I’ve always believed it was Zoot Money’s lot. If not, I saw them there too around then – I recall being impressed by the vocals of Paul Williams (later with Juicy Lucy). But I agree – it’s easy enough to write that an evening like that happened, but how to ‘recapture’ the magic?

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