Going Underground


Around this time in 1967, the first UK edition of Oz was published, while on this very day fifty years ago the seventh edition of IT (International Times) appeared

It ran a header about Inner and Outer Space, called for the arrest of the Home Secretary Roy Jenkins and announced that Hendrix was in London to stay. There was an article on UFOs by one of the ‘experts’ John Michell, reports from China, Vietnam and Moscow, a piece by Allen Ginsberg about LSD and also Jeff Nuttall on psychedelics and other names to appear included Chet Helms from San Francisco’s Family Dog/Avalon Ballroom, Hare Krishna, poet Brian Patten, Traverse Theatre Company and Timothy Leary “tuning in … (etc)”

All that for a bob (5p)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. Called for the arrest of Roy Jenkins??
    One of the most liberal British politicians of my lifetime!!!
    This just shows how ludicrous and warped Hippy thinking was and still is!
    Attitudes and ideas like that from American and British liberals have lead directly to the political situation we find ourselves in today !!!
    Peace and Love my arse !!!!
    Roll over and 50years on the Fascists took over !

    • Keep calm Mr G. In the late 1960s, Woy Jenkins was certainly a liberal Home Secretary in many respects. He also played a major part in fracturing the greatly-needed opposition when the Fascists took over previously in 1979!

      • The politicians including Jenkins who formed the SDP should probably have fought their battle within the Labour Party, but after Foot was elected leader rather than Healy they obviously felt it necessary
        As it is Foot was no more effective as an Opposition leader than Corbyn is now!!
        Sorry I seem to have repeated myself below!!

  2. ‘Called for the arrest of the Home Secretary,Roy Jenkins’ !!!!!-
    Who happened to have been one of the most liberal mainstream politicians in my lifetime!
    It was drug addled, warped thinking like that from the arsewipe Love generation that has resulted in the backlash that sees us 50 years on being governed both here and in the USA by Reactionary ultra conservatives!!
    If only the blessed Corbyn had half the balls that Roy Jenkins and the 1967 Labour government had,we might not be in this dreadful mess!

  3. There was a limited edition reprint in book form of every issue of “The San Francisco Oracle” a few years back.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could do the same with every U.K issue of “Oz” from issue 1 (February 1967) to issue 48 (winter 1973)? I’d buy it!!!!!

    • Oz is online JR and you can find summaries of IT online. Meanwhile Melody Maker and NME were available but have just been removed because all the freelance photos contravened the copyright laws.

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