Pompey Punks (???)


From Graham Laker (cheers)

In Uncut – March


PLUS – from Phil Haines – same publication. Bottom left – remember?



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “Pompey Punks (???)

  1. Incidentally, notice the dates. This is not untypical of an increasingly modern tendency to tell popular music histories in terms only or principally of RECORDED music. I’d suggest that for many of us, the key moments in our 1960s musical histories were associated with live gigs, as much or more than records. In addition, 1974 was pretty much the end of PS as an active unit, because the experimental music course and the students started in 1969 – by 1974, many had left the Art College or were close to graduating. Then there is of course the question of how they come to be considered ‘punks’.

  2. My great friend Alan Clayson of Clayson & The Argonauts, was a member of The Portsmouth Sinfonia. He also was a contributor to “schoolkid’s Oz”. A prolific writer, a cursory look in Waterstone’s will no doubt show a surprising amount of books penned by Alan on the rock aristocracy, Edgar Varese etc etc. He’s now Frank Zappa’s official biographer (chosen by Gail Zappa). Alan supported The Muffin Men with Jimmy Carl Black at The Pier, and I got him to support It’s A Beautiful Day on a couple of occasions. Dr Dave, you might remember him from my 60th birthday party at The R.M.A.? Alan is also doing a series of”chanson”, featuring his interpretations of Bertolt Brecht material, when he’s not doing “double headers” with John Otway or solo gigs. A strange but interesting man and a lovely bloke…

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