I thought you meant me for a minute Rod. People often think I’m a bit of one

Great story here that I would not wish hidden away in a Comment below. Rod Watts’ memories of supporting the Stones at the Savoy:

“It was definitely the Savoy as our group, Ricky Dene and the Rivals, were the support band on the opposite stage. I always remember Bill Wyman in deep conversation with my brother in law (our bass player) about the merits of their sound equipment. BW was using a Vox T60 rig and our man had a homemade job made out of chipboard. Also during their set, Keith Richard broke a string, the music stopped, and KR proceeded to fit a replacement string while his guitar was still plugged in and volume at the previous level ie full on !! Can you imagine that happening these days….priceless !
The odd one out and least friendly was Brian Jones, he just stayed in the background and ignored everybody, definitely the odd one out. I believe George Turner the Savoy manager, got them for £100 (big bucks) but worth noting they had just had their first record which I think was “Come On”*, released, so they weren’t exactly top of their game in those days. To be honest, their music was a bit too “raw” for my taste being brought up on a diet of echo chambers and Fender guitars and of course I sported a well lacquered DA (ducks arse to you) haircut……wonder where that went to…??”

*(Yes it was “Come On” – a cover of a Chuck Berry song)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “DA?

  1. As much as I loved the Savoy in my teens, the Birdcage was definitely the place for some class acts as we approached and got into our 20’s, a whole new world of music, artistes, atmosphere, it was all there. It certainly made me realise this was what I wanted out of life, listening and learning from these wonderful pro musicians, trying (and sometimes failing) to emulate their style of playing, what a l;earning curve that was !!
    Might I finally relate a priceless comment that was shouted out by a customer to his friend who was just about to enter the Birdcage loo, as follows : ” I wouldn’t go in there mate, the pissa’a afloat”, Pompey translation for “the urinals are blocked with cigarette ends, best roll yer trouser legs up” !!
    There endeth my missive for today.

  2. Re “stone the crows” I was with them in ’64. We never played the Savoy Saturday morning. Barry and the Strollers played a Saturday morning accompanying Eden Kane.

  3. I went to a hospital do on Sunday to do with my wife’s consultant. A grey haired geezer,probably in his 70’s sported a great D.A. and sideburns.(did anyone else call them sideboards?). The renegades are hoping to do something musically in the summer. Always room for a sax player and harp player!

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