No Cream Today


(Herman’s Hermits follow-up?)

This has just appeared on the Pompey Pop Facebook site under which I posted the message below. Anyone know any more. Does it look like a Birdcage poster? It was posted by a pal of mine (& JR), Ross Hannam who suggested it was at Kimbell’s


My Facebook Comment:

“This gig was on the complete Birdcage list that has circulated for years around Pompey but it never happened. I don’t remember anticipating it – and since I loved Cream, and went to the Birdcage that weekend I’m not sure about it. I reckon I’d have been very disappointed. Maybe it was a late cancellation – incidentally it wasn’t Kimbells either because the Birdcage moved to Eastney in late summer 1965. HOWEVER, Cream did play across the Harbour in Gosport in November 1966, and they did get to the Birdcage on Saturday 3 December 1966 (10/-) where – ironically – Ginger collapsed and the ‘Old Bill’ raided. I did see that and still have a diary with some of their (mostly bluesy) set written down. This doesn’t look to me like a typical 1966 Birdcage poster, but I can’t be sure”.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “No Cream Today

  1. When Cream played at Eastney,wasn’t it Brave New World at that point!

  2. No, definitely the Birdcage (with the In Crowd and locals the Wrong Direction). The Birdcage closed in August 1967 and the Brave New World opened in December 1967, lasting just under a year. When their farewell concert was shown on TV, Rikki hooked up a TV to the PA and showed it at Kimbells on a night when Ten Years After were there

  3. I was at the gig and remember Ginger falling off hi stool ,it’s just as with a lot of things that occurred during that time my chronology has gone a bit awry !!!

    • He did indeed Mr G. It’s a myth that I have some odd super memory of those days – I just waste my life on daft things and keep lots of books & records (the written sort and the round ones)!

    • i spoke to Bob Yeates who worked there and he said they did play that night and remembers Ginger being carried off the stage, through the crowd and out the front door ..

      • Cheers AW. Some coincidence that it happened twice in eight weeks – then I find your message on Facebook that it happened at the Rendezvous too! I reckon he was a skiver …

  4. I always remember my accountant telling me GB got booted out of Richmond Polo Club for wearing spurs, strictly forbidden of course !
    As good a drummer he may have been, he was riddled in “substance”, hence the passing out syndrome, but I’m sure we all knew that anyway ?

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