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I’ve stuck this on Facebook as well but I’m having such fun with it, so in case you don’t see that:

CREAM part two – reply to Ross Hannan etc. To start, we know that Ginger Baker collapsed and was hospitalised on Saturday 8 October and I don’t think Cream played in Pompey on Sunday; or were even booked to play.
I have been to Portsmouth Library today to check through the Archives and it pretty much confirms what I said originally. I guess if you knew Rikki & the Birdcage, the easiest thing is for me to ask you to imagine that Mr Farr booked Cream for 9 October (as in the poster) and then spent all his newspaper advertising budget on the Move (Friday), Herbie Goins (Saturday), Records (Sunday), Ike & Tina Turner (Sunday week) and Errol Dixon replacing Garnett Mimms on Saturday week, (because Mimms had cancelled his UK trip).
OK? now stay with that imagination – Rikki books Cream for the Sunday (remember it’s records night) but (a) doesn’t advertise it and (b) neither he nor the local paper mention that Ginger collapsed after one number. None of that is going to happen is it? Meanwhile, on November 4/5 the local ‘paper carries this advert: “Cream, Cream, Cream, Clapton’s gang makes ONLY appearance in Portsmouth area at New Spot, Thorngate, Gosport, Monday next” (7 November). The emphasis on ONLY is mine, but would they claim that, if Cream had played Eastney a month before?
Then in Spinner’s Pop page on 1 December: “A second chance to sample Cream is at the Saturday all-nighter with the In Crowd and Wrong Direction” plus Birdcage adverts for the gig and on the following week (unusually, a Friday), Spinner reports that “Ginger Baker missed Cream second-half performance in hospital”. So I’m pretty convinced that the 9 October gig never was and I’m wondering whether Ginger collapsed after one song in the SECOND set on 3 December and some of you got there late?

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University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

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  1. Even more info: I’ve gone back to that Birdcage list. It says “Sunday 9 October, Birdcage Club @Kimbells – Cream (?)” and underneath it says American disc night as well. I missed the Kimbells bit on Friday because I’d previously crossed it out. The American disc night is certainly what appeared in the local adverts that week, but Kimbells, why Kimbells? (although it again explains how that got on to the Jack Bruce gig list site). I think the (?) is crucial, but it surely emphasises even more that if YOU recall seeing Ginger collapse, dragged off etc, at the BIRDCAGE, it wasn’t that night, it was 3 December.

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