Louder Times


To keep Mr Watts’ brain working well, here is that afore-mentioned combo of Rod, Marc, Graham and Graham who between them played in a heck of a lot of different outfits around Pompey over the years – and Rod & Marc are still together to this day in Tuxedo Junction! Rod’s the one looking you straight in the eye.

They were called the Academy and as mentioned, would play an all-nighter with Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds at the Birdcage in March 1967

I like the outfits, subtly ‘uniform’, but here’s a question to get Rod (or maybe Marc) thinking. Unlike many Pompey bands of the 1960s, I’ve no idea what material these guys played …



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “Louder Times

  1. Had a quick reccy with Rod about what we used to do in The Academy. We did a kind of soul/Tamla mix for the most part. The old brain cells can remember a few – Heatwave, Sitting in the Park, Seesaw, Ooh Pooh Pah Do, 6345789, I’m Your Puppet (we still do that in Tuxedo Junction!), California Dreaming, Ride Your Pony, Hold On I’m Coming, Cool Jerk, Stop Her On Sight, to name but a few.

    Nice to be still playing together after all this time!

  2. How about a cover of “Here I Stand” by the Rip Chords? I have a recording of that which tells me it’s Graham Hunt & the Academy

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