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I had to go to the Guildhall with April’s contribution to my 1967 display in PME, so I went to the Library to check the Evening News

Thursday 20 Feb 1969: Spinner’s column reports the American MMBB coming to the Pier on Saturday, plus the Gun, the Deviants, DJ Jeff Dexter and Middle Earth’s lightshow. There was something of a stress on “American”.

Friday 21 Feb 1969: Small Ads, Rikki is advertising exactly the same bill – and the same price as the ticket Graham sent.

(Rosemary were playing the Parlour on Friday and Lymington on Saturday with Black Cat Bones at Kimbells Blues Club on Sunday).

Nowhere could I find any mention of the Pretty Things, which suggests to me the tickets were printed and then …

Or maybe this could be another ‘Cream at the Birdcage’ mystery?


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A Question

I’d love an answer before I press “print” on my book please

See my question in a Comment on Tuesday’s post with the Pretty Things, MMBB and Deviants ticket


Top of the Pops!

End of March and the first week of April 1967:

The Walker Brothers started a national tour with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Birdcage regulars the Move released “I Can Hear the Grass Grow”, the first Electric Prunes album appeared, Paul McCartney took a ‘trip’ to San Francisco, and on Saturday night – April Fools Day – it would cost you 7/6d to see the return of the original Pink Floyd to the Birdcage.

All pretty groovy huh?

And to confirm that, the Melody Maker cut its chart to a Top 30 to deter chart fixing – and boy was that a far-out chart, especially the Top Ten: 1: Englebert “Release Me”; 2: Harry Secombe “This Is My Song”; 3: Alan Price “Simon Smith & …”; 4: F&N Sinatra “Something Stupid”; 5: Vince Hill “Edelweiss”;  6: Whistling Jack Smith “Kaiser Bill’s Batman”; 7: Sandie Shaw “Puppet on a String”; 8: Petula Clark “This is my Song”;

Cool huh? You can see why they called it the Swinging Sixties, and I’m almost sorry to reveal that at number nine came the Beatles with “Penny Lane”/”Strawberry Fields” but at least number 10 was Val Doonican with “Memories Are Made of This”

Ain’t that the truth?

None of that funky black music either.


Rikki’s ‘Do’

S. Pier gig 001

Remember that one? Ten bob as with yesterday’s one, seems to have been the going price. Again many thanks to Graham Laker.

(I missed it because in our first month together gigging, my beloved Rosemary were playing at Chords Club in Lymington)


David Storey RIP

The novelist has died. He wrote This Sporting Life, the rugby league story about life up north in the late 1950s. It was later filmed (1963) by director Lindsay Anderson, starring Richard Harris – perhaps the last of the British ‘New Wave’ movies. Both the book and the film are real crackers.