Pretty Sure


Do you remember the posts about when Cream did and did not appear at the Birdcage? You can’t have missed it!

At one point, Chris Fosbrooke suggested that maybe on one occasion Viv Prince ‘depped’ for Ginger Baker at the Birdcage. I’ve checked and cannot find any evidence for that, however, Viv Prince did replace a poorly Keith Moon with the Who in December 1965, and the Who played the Birdcage that month on the 18th. So that might be the story – does anyone remember? I know I wasn’t there that night.

Talking of Viv Prince, I saw him with the Pretty Things in the summer of 1964 on South Parade Pier, 53 years ago. Three years later I played support to them at Highbury with Harlem Speakeasy (plus Skip Bifferty) and now I’ve learned from Rod Watts that they are back, tomorrow night at Havant Arts Centre.

I’m not sure how many originals are still with them (Phil May? Dick Taylor?) but there’s a band you would have got long odds on surviving over 50 years!!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Pretty Sure

  1. It’s just Phil and Dick left of the originals, Dave. That was the case during my tenure with the band too. Dick, as you know, is a local lad (at least living on the Isle of Wight local).

  2. Cheers Steve – just found out it’s £25! And they don’t look very pretty (unlike Steve )

  3. About the time we released the single Eve Of Destruction, the Sun gave the band a half page spread featuring a sizeable picture with the headline The Pretty Things Are Back in big letters. Underneath the picture was the addition ‘looking pretty ugly’

  4. Dave, you could’ve seen The Pretty Things at The Southsea Folk & Roots Festival for a tenner a few years ago when I booked ’em1 It was a GREAT gig! Dick played a The Bullfrog a couple of times- once with Arthur Brown and once with his own band, Dick Taylor’s Blues Muthas. He’s a really lovely man… When The Former Members played at Ryde he turned up and jammed with ’em. That was a great night too!

  5. Went to Havant and thoroughly enjoyed them. Unfortunately they didnt play anything from Parachute which is an album which I still enjoy today.

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