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This Blog has survived, up-and-down, for a few years and sometimes I wonder what might come next. The Cream ‘mystery’ was handy, and I really enjoyed it, but it occurred to me in a quiet moment this afternoon that I might construct an A-Z, with a new post every now-and-then.

So here goes


The ACTION were not from Portsmouth of course, but only the Vagabonds played at the Birdcage more often, and they did a few other local gigs too (incidentally, this is 1967 but Procul Harun never came, although that was the correct, original spelling.)

AIR BALLOON: Gone now, but once a regular venue for local/semi-pro bands

ARUNDEL STREET: The Locarno (Mecca) and the Cobden Arms (Traditional jazz)

Local bands:

ABSENCE: Formerly In Grandma’s Absence, I’ll name them under I

ACADEMY: Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Graham Barnes (BG), Rod Watts (K), Graham Hunt (D). Photo below of course, Marc & Rod still playing in Tuxedo Junction

APEX FOUR: I know nothing

AUBREY SMALL: Alan Christmas (V/G), Pete Pinckney (G/V), Rod Taylor (K/V), Dave Yearley (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Alan, Rod and Dave are still going and recording.

Any more nominations?

Yes here’s one, from drummer Graham (cheers):

Amalgamation ( 1971 – 1974 )
The line up was  Pete Connor (Rhythm guitar and vocals),  Dave Gladding (Bass Guitar and vocals), Barry Gladding (Vocals),  Bernie Morley (Lead guitar and vocals) and Graham Parker on drums and vocals. 

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “A is for …

  1. O.K, how about An Seisiun? A fine acoustic Irish roots/rock band that were formed out of the ashes of The Motherfolkers (an electric band!) featuring Pete Clarke and Michael “Greg” Gregory. The band featured members of Esmeralda, a Pompey band for a few years before that – back in the mid ’70’s… Their next band was Shadowfax, who I know played The Rotary Club a few times between 1978 and 1980, but I’ve no precise dates. The Motherfolkers were a force to be reckoned with in the late 90’s -early 2000’s, and supported some great acts. They sold out Havant Arts Centre a few times too. (Not that I’m biased…as I was the singer and spoons player with An Seisiun and The Mothers!!) Pete Clarke moved very close to me in Ireland and we played gigs as The Hooch Hikers over here. He’s now moved to France and I miss him!!! … Greg joined Skinny Lennard ( a tribute to????) but moved to northern Ireland last year – I still see him now and again, the last time was Bruce Barthol’s gig in Belfast in 2016.

  2. I’m wondering whether I should have included Alan Bown Set, especially given their live album with the Vagabonds at the Marquee, enhanced by a Birdcage crowd

  3. Definitely, one of my favourites !

  4. late arrival to the alphabet game…………..presuming we are keeping this as local as possible , but including some of those ‘one night stands’ that entertained us in the days when we had plenty of places to go !!!!!
    first up ,and with a very tentative local connection………maybe…..
    ‘ A band of angels’…..singer in this Harrow public school band from 1964 , was Mike D’abo, who of course , replaced P G S schoolboy Paul ‘jones Pond in Manfred Mann
    Brian Auger….trinity…(Julie driscoll / rod stewart / john baldry) …..Steampacket (should be in S)
    The Animals
    Amen Corner
    The Artwoods….(included Jon Lord and Keef Hartley in their #)
    Out in our surrounding countryside , care of Mr Joyce……A B C dances……eh Pete !!!!!

  5. why ever did I miss out……THE APSLEY…….

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