C is (also) for


Country Joe & the Fish (or should that be J for Joe, or M for McDonald or F for Fish …?) who played at South Parade Pier in March 1969 and then came and stayed and played in Pompey in 2001, 2005, 2007 (thanks principally to Spider Man, Dr Strange and the others)

Pete Cross Buckland’s finest DJ, although a little quiet on here these days

The Co-op Hall in Albert Road which became Duke’s and then the Wedgewood Rooms about 25 years ago

Clarence Pier which certainly presented Rod Stewart and the Soul Agents, Dave Dee & the Bostons, Jesse Fuller, Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, the Mooks etc

The Court School of Dancing Eastney which became the Birdcage Club

The Cadillacs, one of Pompey’s first rock & roll groups, who certainly played at the Court and included Merv Skidmore (V) Ricky Silver (Jimmy Stafford – V), Colin Quaintance (G), Patrick Green (G), Colin Wood (BG) Keith Milton (BG), Bryan Hatchard (D)

Bill Cole, Southsea’s blind pianist/arranger who worked with everyone on the dance band and jazz scene for decades and had his own trio

Coconut Mushroom in at the start of local groups shifting from soul/R&B/pop to what they then called ‘West Coast” (Byrds, Love etc) in 1967. Colin Carter (V), John Clark (G) Barry Paul (G), Roger Giffin (G), Graham Barnes (BG) Mick McGuigan (BG), Terry Threadingham (D), Nigel Slydell (keys)

The Challengers – R&B regular support group at the Rendezvous (Oddfellows)

Cherry Smash: Bryan Hug (V), Mick Gill (G) Mark Tuddenham (G), John Curtis (BG), Graham Hunt (D). released a single or two and a soundtrack record on Up the Junction

The Classics: Paul Spooner (V), Ian Grant (Ian Duck – G), Peter O’Flaherty (BG), Tony Ransley (D). Featured in Hampshire magazine – Peter & Tony joined the Big Sound

Conchords: Phil Freeman (V), Stuart Ward (LG), John Davis (G), Doug Chalmers (BG), Graham Parker (D) John Pratt (D). Various members went on to Soul Society/St Louis Checks

Crestas: Frank Kelly (V), Chris Ryder (V), Lynn Orchard (Lynn Appleton – V), Dave Field (BG), Tony Hutchins (G), Gill Hutchins (G), Bob Hammond (D). Became Frank Kelly & HUnters, recording group.

The Crow: Chris Ryder (V), John Williams (LG), Bernie Williams (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Formed briefly from J Crow Combo, played the London clubs but …

PS: I tend to think of Pete in the USA playing in the Residents and the Furys but they became at some point the Colours


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “C is (also) for

  1. MORE C’s……..
    additional local talent from the past……Coastliners
    Chapter Six
    some visitors ” ” ” The Clique
    Chicken Shack
    a couple of ex watering holes…………………….The Clacton Arms
    The Contented pig
    not so many…Community Centres these days…………………….(good for the odd gig)
    lost with so many others…………………………..The Classic Cinema
    Although its down the road apiece , in ‘foreign territory……..deserving a place in the alphabet ..Cole mathesons Concorde Club

    big shoutout for……Ken Cridges I reckon

  2. Cobden Arms, Arundel Street for jazz and folk through the ’50’s and ’60’s.
    The Cumberland Tavern (or Charlie Hurdles) – next door to ‘The Cage’ where the Eastney Boys and The Birdcage Mods got to know each other and get along

  3. Hi Dave, Just tgo let you know that I worked with The Crow until a few weeks before they folded. We worked for Georgio Gomelsky, and it was his idea (because of The Stones & The Who), to call us The Crow. We lived (all paid for), at Georgios, Madison hotel, Sussex Gardens, Lancaster Gate, London. Giorgio would come down to the Flaming on Thursday nights and stick £30 in each of our pockets We played at The Flaming, The Marquee and The Crawdaddy Clubs, and worked with Julie Driscoll. I found professional life in London quite boring, having to leave the hotel in the morning at 10 AM and swanning around all day waiting for the gig in the evening. We spent most of the time in the cafes and bars in Wardour St. talking about the same things that we had the day before. I stuck it out for a few months before jacking it in, and returned to the ‘REAL’ music scene in good old Portsmouth. Graham and Chris packed up and followed a few weeks later. I have now formed a band on the IOW called Conspiracy, and always having a sax in the car, do guest spots with other island bands.

    So to everyone out there…..Keeeeep Rockin’

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