D is for


Not so many things as some letters (although “when you’re out with me, baby, you get ‘D’, ‘D’ in …)

Delmonico’s coffee bar, but otherwise I can’t easily identify any venues or music pubs

But here are some musical ensembles from the 1960s:

The DARK ANGELS RHYTHM GROUP: Pete Welch (LG), Geoff Lamb (G), Kevin Timms (BG), Steve Gold (D). 1963/4.

DAVE HART COMBO: featuring Dave “Digger” Hart (G/V)

DAWN:  Phil Freeman (V), John Davis (S)

Mike DEVON & the DIPLOMATS: (which if it didn’t mean something else, might be called double D!): Geoff McKeon (LG), Keith Francis (G) Tony Smith (G), Colin Wilkinson (BG), Bob Harrigan (D) Terry Wiseman (D). Originally an instrumental quartet until vocalist Mike Devon (Mike Beacon) joined, when they became Mike Devon & the Diplomats. Mike joined Arthur Ward in late 1964.


DRAGONFLY – very young (14/16) late-1960s band, based their sound on early Pink Floyd and later became Fernhill 

The DYNAMOS: Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Don Golding (G), Terry Bragg (BG), Alf Pink (D). Got to the Final of ITV’s Ready Steady Win and have a trak on the very rare album of the show, won by the Bo Street Runners (inc Mick Fleetwood). And here they are (who’s that girl?):

Dynamos 1964 2


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

10 thoughts on “D is for

  1. That was taken at The Waterfront Club, Woolston around July/August 1964, me playing ‘our Monica’! (Or the ‘gobbophone’ as Alf Pink used to call it.) it was a good blues club, but I’ve no idea who the lady is (…honest!)

  2. I presume modesty prevents you from including the fabled Doctor Dave Allen, MBE (Music Biz Expert) – long time resident of Portsmouth, top blogger, author, musician, Pompey Pop Chronicler etc etc.

  3. Also Julie Christie in “Darling” – swinging 60s Oscar winner

  4. And visitors? How about Rendezvous regulars, Downliners Sect? (plus of course Deerstalkers)

  5. If you’re talking groups here, how about Mick Farren and THE DEVIANTS – didn’t they play ‘Dance of Words’ or something similar at the Guildhall late 60’s?

    • I must admit I’d rather give houseroom to a polecat, and not the Dance of Words, however:

      In late February 1969: South Parade Pier – the Gun, with the Deviants and Canadian blues band McKenna Mendleson.

      December 1969: The Loo Club, Waterlooville – Hell’s Angels Benefit Concert with the Edgar Broughton Band, the Deviants, members of the Pink Fairies and Rosemary

      I can’t find anything at the Guildhall

  6. I remember Delmonico’s, with its strange bright white neon light and blue carpet. When in Virgin Circle and Egypt, we used to go there for a glass of refreshingly ice-cold milk and a toasted sandwich after gigs.

  7. Digging for D’s……………..Obviously……Simon Dupree etc…….(probably destined to return under S)…
    Associated with ‘close county connections’……..Dave Dee etc , and from the reformed Big Roll Band , Zoot Money and Dantalions Chariot
    A couple of Isle of Wight links in Bob Dylan and the not so international star…Craig Douglas (and his milk cart)
    Spencer Davis
    Aynsley Dunbar (retaliation)
    Cyril Davies
    And how many gigs at H M S’s Dryad & Daeadelus

  8. although Dawn never really got ‘off the ground’ , it would be worth mentioning the ‘full line up’……
    Along with me and John Davies was the wonderful Pete Bugg , the incredible Mick Feat and the only drummer to ever play in the fireplace at my family home…the wondrous stixman Dave Pittard……..Memory tells me that before the whole thing folded , we ended up trying to replace leavers with the Holder bros from Fareham ???

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