Has the post below skipped most of the Alphabet and gone straight to V for

Velvet Underground and


If it has, then locally maybe the Vat in Hampshire Terrace plus bands, the Vigilantes, Village Magician and Virgin Circle? And Vincent Crane who appeared with Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster – and the Ventures who supplied some of our late 50s/early 60s lot with instrumentals. And Valley of the Dolls which probably wasn’t very good.

I quite like the idea of alphabetising** in a random order from now on. Then you can’t swot up, can you?

**Which movie, situated in the very late 1950s, used the verb ‘to alphabetise’ between a young married couple, about his record collection and her tendency to put stuff back in the wrong place? A James Brown album featured



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “So:

  1. Actually I suppose Vincent Crane is really C …

  2. E is for…..Egypt and ????

  3. Thanks, Phil.

  4. at the movie theatre in 1969……Easy rider

  5. Who’s in charge here?

  6. apologies dear leader…….but I reckon there probably aint too many E’s , and you may indeed be brain racking , so I thought I’d make a prompt here and get the ‘ball’ rolling and post up Egypt (with a connection to a missing B)……. Melv Ball….
    I await your command..!!!!!

    • You carry on mate – as Bob says “Don’t follow leaders (etc)”. By the way I know some younger people who took loads of Es

      • righty oh then……first up , our manager(ess) and ‘Parlour Princess’…….Lyn Evans….”the bird”
        me old mate and ‘bit of a queen’ Spike Edney…
        also from ‘across the harbour’….Edward Bear
        pompey side, A W was in England
        E X P
        A couple of visitors…..East of Eden and The Equals
        Essoldo cinemas
        The Whaley Club on HMS Excellent
        and of course for gigs and rehearsals…..The Elephant & Castle…
        more ????

  7. ‘Esperanto’ coffee bar, Elm Grove, popular Mod hang-out.
    ‘Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera’ – appeared at ‘The Oasis’, North End – totally out of it. Lead singer finished up writhing on the floor french kissing one of the guitarists.

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