More Sad News


Was the message from Dave Mussell (thanks) – about the death of James Cotton one of the finest of the Chicago blues harmonica men. Here he is, just down the road

Cotton & Barber Beaulieu

(I think Colin Wood sent me this photo – ?)

This is the Beaulieu Jazz Festival – 1960 I think – and Cotton is playing with the Chris Barber Band (with an alto sax!!??)

Cotton played with the Muddy Waters Band post Little Walter, and in the mid-60s I bought a lovely album The Blues Never Die by Otis Spann and James Cotton with Muddy’s Band including the ‘mysterious’ Dirty Rivers on guitar. Cotton also had his own band, which was one of those featured in the mid-60s series of albums, Chicago the Blues Today.




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “More Sad News

  1. Incidentally, that Rolling Stone review says that the ‘Blues Never Die’ album is Otis Spann’s, but Cotton sings quite a few tracks, and it also says it was released in 1969. Well you probably recall I kept a diary in 1966, and on Wednesday 24 August 1966, I went ‘up town’ and bought a shirt in Hym (19/11d), that Cotton/Spann album (32/6d), watched Hampshire play Essex at the US Ground, where Gosport’s Trevor Jesty made his debut, and in the evening went to Fratton Park where Pompey lost 4-5 to Birmingham! Boy, did I have fun back then.

  2. Yes,Dave,I sent the snap. 1960. Beauliue. I woz there. a lovely weekend. I think the lovely Ottilie was there. And how nice is that electric bass?

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