There Again


When I wrote that stuff below about Keith Relf (which I stick by) and Mick O’Neil, it was based on my memory of something I heard once, on a live TV show 50 + years ago

Now I’ve found a recording, I’m not so sure! O’Neil did sing with them but it’s a bit ordinary – rather like the Blow-Up sequence it’s typical Yardbirds R&B; an instrumental group, with a bit of singing interrupting now-and-then. I reckon perhaps they improved a bit with those pop/psych singles? Mind you they were booked for the Birdcage and never came, so sod’ em.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “There Again

  1. One of my endless stories about the Yardbirds is seeing them, with Clapton on a Sunday night at Kimbells. He was impressive but overall I preferred the support band, ‘our’ J Crow Combo. I’m no longer that confident with my memory (!) but I’d say Chris Ryder sang better than either of those guys.

  2. The Yardbirds did a gig for me on 19th April 2001 at South Parade Pier – only two original members, though – Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja.
    John Idan from Detroit was on lead vocals, Gypie Mayo (ex Dr. Feelgood) was on lead guitar & backing vocals and Alan Glen (ex Nine Below Zero) on harmonica.
    However, they were very good indeed!

    • Are there any bands out there now with NONE of the original members? Not tribute bands, but acts claiming to be the real thing. I mean why would a band with only the drummer and rhythm guitarist claim to be the Yardbirds (and I’m not doubting they were good – probably better) ? I have a feeling there was a version of the Animals that once had only drummer John Steel in it. I’m just wondering whether I could persuade that chap Ringo to put something together …

  3. I was at the Yardbirds/Crow Kimbell’s night as well. ‘Five Live Yardbirds’ was my favourite LP at the time, and I was really disappointed when they just performed a note-for-note rendition of the album. It must have been one of Eric Clapton’s last appearances. There were several people who thought The Crow (hadn’t they just changed their name?) were better. I remember they did several Georgie Fame/Blue Flames numbers – ‘Point Of No Return’ and ‘Pink Champagne’ come to mind.

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