Talking of Pete Cross


We’re always doing that aren’t we?

So there I am, emailing a chap over Eastleigh way about a cricket book, which his mate can deliver to me and he says:

“Yes Dave.  I should see him on Friday at our Trivia night at the Club (Hosted by Pete Cross, who I’m sure you know).”

I denied everything

(Getting trivial in old age then Pete? We thought you’d retired)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Talking of Pete Cross

  1. My Favourite booking is the IBM Trivia Quiz at Hursley Park which I have been doing for 21 years- lovely people and an opportunity to play some great tunes whilst its heads down and thinking time for the punters. It makes such a change from the gigs I have now stopped doing with drunken women, out of control kids, great masses of human flesh in a rugby type scrum forever heading my way when the drinks take hold, long lists of undanceable requests (I seriously had one wedding where bride and Groom asked for twenty Five Hand Death Wish tracks- Granny, Grandad and most of the audience looked at me with my empty dance floor as if I was back on my treble Barley Wines! The afore mentioned Bride danced to one tune all evening The Macarina with her tattooed Bridesmaids)- No give me an IBM quiz where I ,regularly, prove that my Buckland upbringing didn`t hold me back when reading out difficult worded questions and answers. And I`m sure your chappie IBM end is the delightful umpire and author of Cricket Grounds in Hampshire – a superb read.

  2. He is indeed that very Bob – with a second book out now! Lovely bloke. Have fun Pete

  3. I B M…….Standing for of course…………….. the not so well known superhero…………………………….Influential Buckland Man

    • But where would he change Phil? Are there telephone boxes in Buckland?

      • indeed after 49 years trying to entertain the masses I still regularly use the gents toilets which can be a problem when other users see my trousers drop onto the cubicle floor and my shoes come off – not for me demanding hotel rooms or the venues office – I know my place- I did cause a problem in one Hotels Disabled toilet when I was stark naked and couldn`t find anywhere to hang my holdall – the dangling red string with a plastic circle on the end seemed handy so I used that- more bells rang than Cosham Fire Station!

  4. wherever you do that”‘wash’n’go” , just make sure that no one gives you any of that……black soap stuff eh !!

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