F is for


Back to Fifty Years Ago – and where the F*** are we in this alphabetising Beth?

The beloved Birdcage had been in the doldrums for some weeks, but it began to perk up around the end of March. There is some confusion about whether the Drifters appeared on Weds 22 or Weds 29 or not at all (another Cream story looming?), then on this day in 1967 it opened for records and dancing, Friday came the Amboy Dukes (UK version) and on the same evening, John’s Children appeared at Tiles in London with their new guitarist/singer Marc Bolan.

On Saturday 25 March 1967, Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds supported the Academy in an all-nighter at the Birdcage (did you get any kip boys?) and on Sunday it was the turn of the Q Set about whom I know nothing – but ‘googling’ Q Set is interesting! By now “Arnold Layne” was in the charts.

Meanwhile, unlike last night, no native of Portsmouth FC appeared in England’s footy team.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “F is for

  1. i’m starting with T.S. Foudroyant ,(ex Trincamalee) which for years was moored in the middle of the harbour as a sea cadet training school……………..Now restored as Trinsamalee and ‘up north’ i think…..
    Fags in Fives
    Five penny worth of chips
    Frys Five Boys chocolate bar
    Family room in the pubs

    Folk clubs..Railway / Hornpipe / Centre hotel……..visitors inc Julie Felix…John Fahey….Famous jug band ??

    bernie fox / robin ford / bob fox….

    local talent….Frost /The For-tunes /Frenzy / Five by five ….downthe road a bit , the xcellent Fleur de lys

    over a few years , loads of visitors
    Adam Faith /Billy Fury /Chris Farlowe /Georgie Fame /Inez and Charlie Fox ??/Fleetwood Mac /Family /The Fairies
    The Foundations /Four Tops /………4 Seasons ?? ffffffffff fade away!!!!

  2. ‘Fun at the Fairground ‘ on Clarence Pier…C/O Billy Manning and Wally Shufflebottom ,a very much better effort than we have now !!!
    Free playing first pompey club gig at the parlour in 1968 ?? Paul Kossof…awesome !!!!

    • I think that Free first played in the city at the Dance of Words in May 1968,. They’d been discovered by Alexis Korner who was using them (briefly) as his backing band. They were certainly advertised & in the programme, but I’m not sure because I seem to recall that Alexis didn’t show and I think maybe Free played anyway. But maybe not???

  3. yes indeed the never to be forgotten Dance of words…What a great day of’ entertainment all under one roof’ kind of gig that was…..
    Free being just a part of the entertainment du jour…….But not really a ‘club’ gig….
    Fairport Convention were the most memorable part of the event for me ……

  4. Yes i’m still following the blog . I don’t have too many comments but thats OK cause Phil makes up for the ones I don’t make !!!!….. I was working the stage at Dance of Words as I remember Alexis Korner was there with Free but the biggest shock for me was to see who was the Roadie for Free. Keith Grant (Downliners Bassist). I happened to have my old Ilford 35mm with me (illegal by Guildhall standards) and did take pictures, if ever I find those pics I will be sure to send them.
    Dave keep up the good work the Blog Rocks !!!!

    • Cheers Roger! How interesting – I used to love Downliners. I don’t know why I thought Alexis didn’t make it but there were things on in three rooms so maybe I was ‘elsewhere’. Many thanks

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