Hambledon Folk


I’ve been to Hambledon today


Talking of which (and more about Folk) – this from Geoff French – thanks

“Talking of folk, Jackie Whitren and John Cartwright were big on the folk scene. I just heard that they both died last November within two weeks of each other. The local connection – Jackie grew up in Hambledon and Denmead…”



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Hambledon Folk

  1. Hi Dave, is this Ridge Meadow ? It looks more like Broadhalfpenny Down.

    • Broadhalfpeeny it is Oscar. Every March and October a bunch of about 60 old cricket historians have a lunch in the Bat & Ball to mark the beginning and end of the English cricket season. This year it might as well mark too the end of county cricket as we have known it.

  2. Nice pint of HSB in the Bat and Ball Dave. Did you know that The Fountain at Rowlands Castle has closed. Another music venue gone.

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