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To “A Question”

I had to go to the Guildhall with April’s contribution to my 1967 display in PME, so I went to the Library to check the Evening News

Thursday 20 Feb 1969: Spinner’s column reports the American MMBB coming to the Pier on Saturday, plus the Gun, the Deviants, DJ Jeff Dexter and Middle Earth’s lightshow. There was something of a stress on “American”.

Friday 21 Feb 1969: Small Ads, Rikki is advertising exactly the same bill – and the same price as the ticket Graham sent.

(Rosemary were playing the Parlour on Friday and Lymington on Saturday with Black Cat Bones at Kimbells Blues Club on Sunday).

Nowhere could I find any mention of the Pretty Things, which suggests to me the tickets were printed and then …

Or maybe this could be another ‘Cream at the Birdcage’ mystery?



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “An Answer

  1. Except that MMBB were Canadian, an important difference at most times, but especially during US Draft days….

  2. Pretty certain I went to this show on the 22nd Feb – what I sent you was an actual “ticket” (embossed on the reverse with the words ‘APACHE BRAVE LIMITED’ and the initials ‘ANIM’ ) so I can’t think I’d have bought it and not gone.
    Unfortunately, I can’t remember too much about it – I’ve seen The Pretty Things quite a few times but not sure if they played on this occasion or not – I definitely remember seeing Gun at S.P. Pier but, if they played there more than once, it could have been another time I’m recalling – think I went to see them specifically and not as a last minute replacement.
    Not much help, I’m afraid.

    • No worries – I love these mysteries. I never doubted the ticket was real and I’m convinced the PTs simply didn’t make it and in fact that was known a few days in advance, but after the tickets were printed. I know the Gun played Kimbells but doubt they played the Pier again. About twelve months earlier Harlem Speakeasy had supported the Pretty Things at Highbury but they only appeared because Amen Corner, booked and advertised, pulled out. It happened.

      • I know the Gun played Kimbells as I think I’ve mentioned before. Malc and I were right at the front with our then girlfriends just before they started when the bass player turned to speak to his oppo and walked my poor girl around the head! The sound of which resounded round the hall! She was OK, and he apologised, so happy days!

  3. Whacked!

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