But one thing I LOVE



Is when I get new information, photos, cuttings, diaries etc

And I just got all those things from my lovely old buddy Geoff Allman (left) who with my other lovely old buddy Martin Richman (right) formed Pompey’s finest late 60s/early 70s light show

Martin & Geoff

Geoff is in Manchester these days, although gets down here quite often and he’s bundled up stacks of remarkable memorabilia and sent it down. I’m about to start sorting it out and it includes a diary of all the Birdcage Eastney gigs with prices, and even passout stamps! So, much will follow over the coming weeks and, incidentally, there’s a Light Program comeback being planned for Pompey in late October.

More news to follow


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “But one thing I LOVE

  1. Wow. That sounds really exciting Dave. I can’t wait to see some of the memorabilia, especially the Birdcage stuff. Hopefully there might be some Rendezvous stuff as well ! I remember Martin from school – and from a few days around ‘Old Portsmouth ‘ – but , like you, he was a year below me. At the time cultural events, not only in music but also in the visual arts and the printed word, were moving so fast that a year could make such a difference.
    I feel that I missed out musically on the early days of the crossover from rock’roll to pop and soul, although all that pocket money spent on the Chuck and Bo eps and blues records gave me a good ‘grounding’ !

  2. Absolutely right ‘Oscar’ – a year or two made such a difference. I was just old enough to catch the last year of the Rendezvous, bits of Sunday nights at Kimbells and full on for the Birdcage – both locations from Feb 1965-August 1967. I’m always conscious, when I contribute to its legendary status, that a couple of years either way and things might have been very different for me. As it was – and however much I might enjoy, say, psychedelia (and I do) – my musical world is framed by all the blues, R&B, soul and late 50s/1960s modern jazz I heard in those clubs. I can’t escape – although I’ve no desire to!

    OK here’s an interesting BIRDCAGE tit-bit which I cannot remember at all. On Saturday 28 May 1966 The Action played an all-nighter (10/-) after which the club closed for four weeks for alterations opening with the Action again on Saturday 3 July (7/6d)

    But the bit I’d forgotten was that in between, the club tried to re-locate temporarily to Kimbells with the In Crowd on Sat 4 June (6/-) and the Listen (?) on Friday 10 June. It seems it did not work and that was it until all back to Eastney.

    Geoff’s diary records all that – and I can confirm the Kimbells trip is in the relevant copies of the Evening News.

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