Barry Roberts (part 2)


MANY thanks to the Dynamic Dynamos’ Duo Marc and Alf, for sorting out that photo – to which I suddenly said “of course”, because we already have this photo of a version of Billy Storm and the Storm Riders, including Barry Roberts (guitar) in the centre and Billy (left) with Peter Hicks (right) sharing the vocals. I guess that’s Terry again on the right?

Bert P & Peter Hicks

Barry Roberts


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Barry Roberts (part 2)

  1. Billy Storm – was he also known as Bert, butchers boy from Highland Road? I remember him on the bike, which would now be a very collectable piece of cycling memorabilia. I never knew Bert was Billy Storm – and never saw the band. He was just a very blonde, pink faced butchers boy, who was a really pleasant person.

  2. ps. As it was about 58 years ago I’m surprised I even remember. It must be my short term memory that’s going! I’d like to apply for selective memory loss – or is the queue too long?

  3. I hate it when someone I knew back when I was 10 or 11 dies – it feels like a threat.

  4. On the left in that top picture is Pete Conlon who lived at the North (top) end of Fernhurst Rd

    • Pete Conlon and his wife Pam are good friends of mine, we often meet up at the local and out of town jazz clubs. He doesn’t play now but still loves his music….

      • Thanks Rod. That’s nice to hear. I often wondered what happened to him. He is such a nice unassuming guy. Please say Hi from me next time you see him. I wonder if he still has the Guild Starfire and the early Vox AC30 he bought. We used to gather at his house to watch the Rowan and Martin Laugh-In show as my crusty old man would not let us watch it since he controlled the rotary channel selector. I remember first time I was driven at over 100mph was in Pete’s Jag on that straight stretch of road just North of Rowlands Castle.

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