Take Five


I’m on Express FM, next Monday from 8-10pm, talking about the Summer of Love (’67). It’s their regular rock show so I’m chatting to the two presenters who asked me to bring in tracks to play –  they said pick five. I guess they might play some as well.

I’ll do that, and take a spare track or two in case, but I haven’t finalised my choice yet. Anyone out there got any suggestions (I’ll keep my thoughts secret for now)? You can pick Englebert if you wish …


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

23 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. Obviously, from the title of your posting it’s got to be Dave Brubeck! Then I would pick Midnight Hour, Smokestack Lightnin’, Green Onions, Out of Time, My Girl (either the Temptations or Otis), and any Georgie Fame tracks.
    I’m a major fan of modern jazz but the list for that genre would be far too long for a radio show !!!
    Of course anything by Muddy Waters would go to the top of any of my lists. Especially ‘You Shook Me’.

    • I love very one of those tracks Oscar but ‘Summer of 67? The Birdcage closed, the hippies arrived …

  2. Here’s my five! All these albums were released in The Summer of Love of 1967.
    “Bass Strings” Country Joe & The Fish – from their debut album “Electric Music For The Mind & Body”.
    “Somebody To Love” – Jefferson Airplane – from their 2nd album (and the first with Grace Slick on vocals) “Surrealistic Pillow”
    “Love Me Two Times”” – from their 2nd album “Strange Days”.
    “Alone Again Or” – Love – from their 2nd album “Forever Changes”
    “Castles Made Of Sand” – Jimi Hendrix Experience – from their 2nd album “Axis: Bold As Love”.
    Which proves to me that Country Joe & The Fish got it right FIRST time around, whilst the others had to get their debut album out of the way before approaching true greatness……….

    • Nice selection JR. I think “Bass Strings” is my all-time favourite psychedelic track

    • Slight correction JR, Forever Changes was Love’s third album. Sorry to upset the symmetry of your argument

      • For me, it all gets more complicated by the minute! I decided not to play Alone Again Or because of course it’s not an Arthur Lee track – it’s McLean. So, I was getting ready the stuff for tonight and discovered that my FC CD is missing. I’ve got the box (and on vinyl) but … it’s CDs they need to play. So maybe no Love tonight?

        I recall talking to Country Joe about Love once. He didn’t recognise the name so I said Arthur Lee and he said that yep, he’d seen him play at Woodstock. No you didn’t I replied, yes I did he retorted (!). He meant Alvin Lee. He really had never heard of Love. I thought it very surprising!

  3. Oscar, trust you to take things literally!!!!!!!!

  4. A little early in the morning for all of the memory waves to be connected and I love all of Oscars’ choices above but, perhaps more in keeping with your ’67 theme, can I suggest “Different Drum” by the Stone Poneys ?
    I always loved the melody of that number – always had a bit of a thing for Linda Ronstadt too ! 😉

  5. Oops sorry, I didn’t realise it would post a darn great picture !

  6. broken Arrow – Buffalo Springfield
    Alone Again Or – Love
    San Franciscan Nights – Eric Burden

  7. How about… Alone Again Or by Love, from ‘Forever Changes’ album. Can’t get more 1967 than that!

  8. Oops I didn’t realise so many others picked the Love track. Deffo a must then!

  9. Thanks for all these suggestions – for Oscar, ref the soul stuff (and we might wonder about Prince Buster too?) the obvious Summer of 67 choice would be Otis Redding – star at Monterey Pop, released “Dock of the Bay’ died in December.

  10. How about:-
    A Sailor’s Life – Fairport
    Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
    White Bird – Beautiful Day
    The Hedgehog’s Song – Incredible String Band
    The Fish Song – Country Joe

    • Very nice. I’m planning to talk as much as possible about Pompey, therefore Pink Floyd should figure, given their two Birdcage dates and the Jimi Hendrix/Move tour in November. I used to play the Hedgehog’s Song with my pal Pete Gurd back then – fond memories.

  11. How about the Misunderstood “I Can Take You to the Sun”? Magnificent!

  12. Eric Burdon’s ‘Monterey’ still has a resonance. And for me the Zombies’ ‘Hung up on a Dream’ (recorded in ’67) brings back the spirit of the times.

  13. I meant to mention The Misunderstood track – one of Peelie’s favourites and so typical of ’67.
    Also, ‘My White Bicycle’ (or, ‘My Wife’s Bisexual’ as we used to sing whenever
    we heard it) by Tomorrow – great stuff!

  14. Bit of a technicality but Forever Changes wasn’t released till November 1967, so it wasn’t actually around in the summer of love.

    • It’s true of the second Hendrix album too (December) and actually the Misunderstood track was from December 1966. The thing is for me, the extent to which the ‘Summer of Love’ is strictly limited to a six month period or whether in certain ways, it embodies an idea that is a bit more flexible. That flexibility is partly because ‘Forever Changes’ was recorded during the ‘Summer of Love’, while the Misunderstood were significant in the UK during that summer because of John Peel’s new shows after he arrived at Radio London in March 1967.

      In my new book (which is by no means limited strictly to the six months of 1967’s ‘Summer of Love’) I have suggested that some of the most significant ‘underground’ or ‘countercultural’ events around Portsmouth included (for example) Hendrix/Floyd at the Guildhall, the Dance of Words, Traffic/Family and later Country Joe & Fish at the Pier, the students’ Arts Workshop events, the Free Concert on the Common etc. Those events ran between November 1967 and September 1969 – I like the idea that maybe the ‘Summer of Love’ lasted as long as you wanted it …

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