Gregg Allman RIP


One of the rock bands I did like lots. Pretty much all gone now, I think




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3 thoughts on “Gregg Allman RIP

  1. sad , but not unexpected news , as he had had a recent history of health issues ,and cancelled tour dates for 2017…………………….I am recalling the days of early touring i spent lighting for Cher and Gregg in europe
    a totally ‘non starter’ album in 1977…”Two the Hard way” ,and a tour that was apparently thrown together ,and i think proved to be somewhat of a waste of time ,although it was pretty good to be able to share a little time with both of them………..
    ‘brothers in arms once again’……………………….R I P GREGG

  2. Thank You for the Music and the Memories Rest In Peace Midnight Rider

  3. Influenced by the blues musicians he revered (like Muddy Waters, B.B. King) Gregg wove classic blues sounds in with his rock ‘n’ roll jams, taking the music in unexpected directions with unusual chord progressions. When he put it together with the contributions of the rest of the band, the result was superb.
    Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Gregg and his brother Duane were playing guitar by the time they was in his early teens. The brothers formed The Misfits, The Shufflers, The Escorts. and then The Allman Joys, which the brothers took the band on the road.
    By 1965, The Allman Joys were touring around the region and making recordings, and Gregg developed a taste for songwriting,. The band gained a following around the Southeast, and briefly relocated in California, where they signed with Liberty Records and recorded a pair of albums as Hour Glass. However, the brothers soon cut and ran, leaving behind a debt to Liberty that Gregg Allman settled by agreeing to record a solo album for them.
    Back in the Southeast, the brothers joined up with a new band, The 31st of February, alongside future Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks. “Melissa” was written in those days, and was first recorded with The 31st of February in 1968. However, Gregg sold the rights to “Melissa” to get out of debt caused by the Liberty debacle.
    The band then became The Allman Brothers Band. Their first two albums included Gregg’s great classic compositions “Whipping Post” and “Midnight Rider.” The excitement of their live shows was evident on their third album, 1971’s “At Fillmore East” – a double album with just seven songs – among them, “Whipping Post”. The album went gold within a few months and remains one of the best live albums in rock history. Thirty years after its release, Rolling Stone called it ”..the finest live rock performance ever committed to vinyl”. whilst the BBC said “There are many great live double albums … but The Allmans did it best.” Sadly, tragedy struck just as the album was achieving gold status: Duane was killed in a motorcycle accident. Gregg played “Melissa” at his funeral.
    The band regrouped and continued recording the album “Eat a Peach,” which they had already started with Duane. Almost exactly a year to the day after Duane’s motorcycle accident, bassist Berry Oakley died in the same way. The band was devastated.
    They persevered after Oakley’s death, and in 1973 released their most successful album, “Brothers and Sisters”. It featured two of Gregg’s compositions – “Wasted Words” and “Come and Go Blues” – but the majority of the songs, including the hit “Ramblin’ Man,” were written by guitarist Dickey Betts.
    Also in 1973 Gregg recorded his successful solo album “Laid Back”,which included “Queen of Hearts” ,“Midnight Rider” and other songs he’d written, and also covering Jackson Brown’s “These Days,” and the traditional “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” Dickie Betts also recorded a solo album the following year.
    In 1975 The Allman Brothers Band released “Win, Lose or Draw,” which included the Gregg Allman-penned title track as well as his composition “Nevertheless.” But the album sold poorly due to an ever-increasing tension among the members of the band, and the the use of mountains of cocaine and other drugs. The drug-fueled lifestyle was a nail in the coffin of an already crumbling band, and it was truly driven in when Gregg testified against the band’s roadie, Scooter Herring, on drug charges. A gulf was opened between the band members, and The Allman Brothers Band broke up.
    The following years were difficult ones for Gregg, mainly due to addiction to drugs and alcohol, and also a whirlwind romance to Cher, which was followed by a tumultuous marriage.
    The Allman Brothers Band re-formed with a varying cast of characters over the years, first in 1978 and again in 1989 for a reasonably successful run of 25 years, off and on.
    The music Gregg was known best for in later years was probably his solo work, particularly the surprise 1987 hit “I’m No Angel.” Recorded with his Gregg Allman Band, the album made No. 1 on the U.S. Album Rock chart.
    In 1995 The Allman Brothers Band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – however. Gregg was so drunk for the ceremony that presenter Willie Nelson had to help him onstage…
    In 1996 Gregg made a final, successful attempt at cleaning up. He continued playing with The Allman Brothers Band and his own Gregg Allman Band.
    In 2007 Gregg was diagnosed with hepatitis C and underwent a liver transplant and a hard struggle back to health, but more health problems came up in the next decade.
    In 2012, The Allman Brothers Band was honoured with a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement. The band had also received two Grammys and other nominations. Gregg received solo Grammy nominations as well.
    In 2014 Gregg received the Living Legend Award from Classic Rock magazine.
    In 2017, Gregg cancelled a number of tour dates as his health continued to decline..
    Gregg Allman was married and divorced six times, and he was unmarried at the time of his death. He is survived by his five children, Michael Sean, Devon, Elijah Blue, Delilah Island, and Layla Brooklyn.
    R.I.P. Gregg Allman, 8.12.47 -27.5.17……

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