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If you can tear yourself away from all the Erection coverage tonight, not only are there Cricket Highlights on BBC2 at 11.15pm but just after midnight, they are showing again that excellent Sgt Pepper programme. I’ve seen it now and it is well worth catching, although I’ll make one observation.

Howard Goodall talks about the “Sgt Pepper Project” which is more than just the tracks that eventually appeared on the album. For the first 20+ minutes of an hour-long programme therefore, he focuses on what I’ve suggested previously is the greatest double-sided ‘pop’ single ever. But neither “Strawberry Fields Forever” nor “Penny Lane” made it onto Sgt Pepper which I reckon is a cause for some regret (and I’ll happily suggest a couple I reckon could go …)

Meanwhile, on Friday night from 9pm on BBC4 there is a whole bunch of stuff: Part One of “How Hippies Changed the World”, then at 10pm, yet another showing of Goodall on Pepper, and from 11-1am “American Epic – the Sessions” where a whole bunch of mostly very interesting current musicians record ‘good old’ stuff using 1920s technology (Jack White, Alabama Shakes, Rhianna Giddens, Los Lobos, Willie Nelson etc).



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Screen Special

  1. ‘Hippies changed the world’
    Maybe they did for a short time but many of that generation and one particularly thinks of people like Richard Branson were the architects of global corporations whose methods have so upset the population that we now have an ultra right wing backlash!
    They got away with it because the rest of the Hippy generation self indulgently tried to find themselves and wouldn’t see the Hippy entrepreneurs in a negative light,man!!!!

  2. Yes indeed – almost 50 years I’ve voted in every local and national election in Portsmouth South (once Ports West) and I’ve never believed or expected my vote would help to return an MP – not even yesterday. But yesterday it did, and I am thrilled of course.

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