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Vinyl Tap are at the Chairmakers on Friday evening

A week today, the ‘Summer of Love’/Monterey Pop (etc) 50th anniversary event is at the Guildhall (following the Skiffle Orchestra from 12-1pm). Everything is free (Love Hearts/Humbugs not compulsory!)

The plan is for Nigel to show his new documentary film publicly around 4.30 (it’s about 1.45 long) and the PME exhibition will be open, including my completed month-by-month history of that year, and free entry to the IOW show.

Then downstairs in the Harlequin Room from 7pm I’ll do a Q&A with Bruce Barthol of Country Joe & the Fish, a mini-version of my lot Scarlet Town will play for about 30 mins (songs of those days) then Bruce will do his solo spot

I’m hoping (with increasing anxiety) that I’ll also be launching my new book Autumn of Love: How the Swinging Sixties & the Counterculture came to Portsmouth.  I say hoping because I ordered them for 1 June and was given a works schedule suggesting at the latest Monday 5 June. I kept ahead of schedule throughout the production process but it’s eight days later than that now, and there’s no sign or definite word.

If they arrive, my intention is to sell them at a fiver on that evening, after which they will be £9.95. But who knows?

SUNDAY AFTERNOON The Racketeers and Two-Tone are at the Bandstand for free. Could be another Cracker!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

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  1. I’ve just heard from the publisher that there’s been a real issue with a previously reliable printer – taken over by a new company and proving considerably less than satisfactory. HOWEVER they’re promised on Thursday so …

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