16 June 2017


If you’ve been following the Blog, you will know this was not planned, but as if to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Monterey, my new book, Autumn of Love: How the Swinging Sixties & the Counterculture came to Portsmouth arrived late, yesterday, and so is officially published today. It will find its way into a few shops and other sales locations at £9.95 and I’ll let you know about those, but if you want a copy and can make it to the FREE ‘Summer of Love’ event at Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday (see first Comment for details) it’ll only cost you a fiver – with all profits from sales going to the Guildhall Trust to support young musicians and the PME Exhibition.

Autumn of Love Final Cover  2.jpg

Press Release Synopsis

Autumn of Love tells the familiar story of the ‘swinging sixties’, 1967’s ‘Summer of Love’ and the counterculture, but with an unusual focus on provincial Portsmouth, arguing that contrary to popular belief, ‘everything’ was not happening simply in the major cities of the UK and USA. Here’s another version, from beatniks, to mods and hippies and beyond – including the legacy of those days and their impact on us, now.

(Warning for the squeamish – the book does contain passages of what Mr G might describe as “silly nonsense time”.)



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “16 June 2017

  1. TUESDAY 20 JUNE at the Guildhall

    The HARLEQUIN Room (Ground Floor) except where stated otherwise

    (12-1pm Southsea Skiffle Orchestra, First Floor)

    4.00 Opens, with the book ‘launch’ – available through the evening PLUS the PME Exhibition including free entry to the IOW exhibition

    4.30-6.30 Screening of Nigel Grundy’s 1960s documentary film “Cool Days, Hot Nights”, upstairs, first floor

    7.00 – 7.30 Q&A with Bruce Barthol (Country Joe & the Fish)

    7.45-8.15 Three-piece Scarlet Town perform

    8.30-9.30 Bruce Barthol performs

  2. To repeat, the book will be selling at the special launch price of £5 at the Guildhall on Tuesday. If you can’t bear to wait (!) there are now some copies in Blackwell’s University Bookshop (by the Student Union buildings, Cambridge Road) at £9.95. There is one reference copy in Portsmouth Library, Floor 3, History Centre.

  3. One of my school reports at the Portsmouth Building School described me as “a buffoon”. I’m quite comfortable with silly nonsense time.

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