“I wouldn’t pay money for it”


Here it is then, the definitive verdict courtesy of the latest NME on that album. The greatest ever? Not in the future … (many thanks to Graham for finding this. If you want to read more, NME is free these days & they have loads in HMV Gunwharf)

NME Sgt P 001 2


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on ““I wouldn’t pay money for it”

  1. I’m particularly fond of the comment, “My teacher makes us listen to really weird stuff … like the blues”.

  2. I remember watching Doctor Who, some years ago, and the doc and his two young companions heard some music, it was the Beatles. One of the youngsters said “I didn’t know they played classical music!”
    I don’t care for most of the modern chart music, but it makes some people happy, and other wealthy. There wouldn’t be ‘modern music’ if hadn’t had all that before, Beatles included, and way back to Beethoven. Roll over Beethoven? I expect he is when he hears todays chart music. I suppose I’m just an old rock’n’roller!

  3. Neat little article. Never did like the album personally but a very interesting take on how it sounds to the younger generations. It would be an interesting series if NME did this on some of the other “Classic” albums.

  4. But you never liked The Beatles, did you, Dave. Me, I love ’em, always have, especially Paul McCartney!

    • “Never” is not true Paul. I was in their fan club, saw them live twice in 1963, bought all their early singles, EPs and first two albums, thought well (and still do) of the Hard Day’s Night movie. Then as I started clubbing I became more interested in black American (or influenced) music – a fondness I retain. In some ways it seems to me that if you don’t express unyielding admiration for the Beatles as the greatest act of all times, it’s assumed you don’t like them; but my world ain’t that black-and-white. Mrs May likes certainty, and look where that got her.

      Mid-term Beatles (Help, Rubber Soul) I can mostly take or leave (never unpleasant), Revolver is my favourite Beatles album. Sgt Pepper has its moments but is over-rated by the media who love a story – especially if they don’t have to think too hard. The White Album would have been a good single album etc … But In 1963 and early 1964, the Beatles were my favourite group. I think maybe you took me a little too seriously with this Post – I just thought it was very funny.

  5. I’ll give you that, then, Dave.

    It’s just that I feel that The Beatles are unfairly targeted by those who are unwilling to accept the amazing affect the group had, and continue to have, on the popular music scene throughout the world. Their music and lyrics were relevant to the popular culture of the young of the 60s and the strength of their song-writing skills is reflected in the vast amount of covers of their work produced by top performers over six decades. I go so far to say that I cannot foresee any future decade when their music will be widely regarded as irrelevant or forgotten even.

    Some people do look down their noses when they mention the “fab four”, professing a dislike for what they consider to be a sell-out to an extension of “moon in June and spoon” lyrics. However, all three contributors, Paul John and George, have been successful in capturing an essence of real life that most people can relate to with their use of melody and language combined in one. Both musical and verbal phrases are carefully and cleverly crafted.

    Yes, ” Long Live The Beatles” is what I say – though I hardly need to, as longevity is their middle name.

    Sorry, but just needed saying.

  6. Incidentally, I have more than once on this Blog suggested that Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields is as fine a double-sided single as any in pop history.

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