Phil Freeman rightly praises Nigel’s documentary (below) and then asks “Next?”

I don’t know whether Nigel has further plans beyond making his film available – if and when that happens, I’ll hope to post info here and on the Pompey Pop Facebook site

I have been chatting to Mick about a project he’s thinking of pursuing. If that happens, I’ll help and I’ll let you know. For myself, there are two further ‘Summer of Love’ projects to see through this year. The first is an exhibition I’m preparing for the University’s space on the first floor of the Guildhall (Freda Swain Business Lounge), from mid-September.

The second is that we are hoping to put back together Pompey’s original, regular lightshow from the late 1960s (Martin & Geoff) with a young psychedelic band (the Melt Dunes), some poets and young musicians etc. on a late Autumn afternoon in the Harlequin, preceding a John Mayall gig that evening. There are some technical challenges with the lightshow project but I’ll confirm it, if everything is sorted.

Other than that, I’m pretty content to lead a quieter life for a bit – I’ve certainly used up most of my words for now, although I’m always happy to sing some!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “Next?

  1. I meant to add a thought about these ‘Summer of Love’ projects. It’s obviously a topic close to my heart but until last summer I had no thought of doing any of this. Meanwhile a group of younger academics in the old Art College (now the Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries) started putting together a proposal for a series of events around the topic.

    Because I still do a little voluntary work there with young people I was involved. That’s how it started – then JR got in touch about the possibility of the Bruce Barthol gig and the whole thing seemed to have its own momentum. It’s ended up as it is, essentially because the University project was dependent upon an Arts Council grant and they didn’t get it, so what’s left with the book, PME, exhibition etc is self-funded and not dependent on the grant.

    1968? Your turn …

  2. It seems to me that the laķe was never in thìs state in years gone by. I took a swim in it about 66 years ago (OK I fell in aged 4), but I wouldn’t risk it now! There seem to be only about 3 crabs still living in the pooliverse waiting for the eyeballs in the sky to appear! I was at the lake a few weeks ago and there were 3 guys opening the pipeline to the sea, it’s fed by tide no pumps. They were hoping that extra seawater would help solve the algae problem, but obviously that didnt work. This was never a problem until recently, what has changed???

  3. I went by yesterday and Phil is absolutely right, it is dreadful. I grew up in Festing Road and spent many happy hours and days there as a kid when it was fine. It might be the hot weather I suppose but it is poor.

    • I’ve never ever seen it like this in over sixty years. Whoever’s suggesting it is the hot weather that is causing this is talking absolute B——s, what, have we never seen hot weather here before? If it was the hot weather then surely we would see this every Summer?

      You’re right Ron – at the sea end of the Lake [near the road] there is one or two doors that lead to a small chamber with sea valves which allow the Lake to be drained at low tide and filled when the tide flows back in. They have a sort of grill/grid which stops the larger sea-life from getting into the Lake. I had to help the ground staff do this chore back in 1982 and it does take an age.


      • I remember way back a kid crabbin caught a pretty large eel that had somehow sneaked in!. He landed it on the grass and it wriggled like mad.

  4. i seem to remember my wife reacting in the same way when i landed her on the grass……..maybe in the ‘summer of love’ !!!!!

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