I’ve made a few

And so I guess, I’d better mention

I’ve yet to publish anything without a goof somewhere. I read, and re-read Autumn of Love more than anything previously, but there are still bits and pieces emerging:

I guess I can be forgiven for my remarks about Pompey no longer electing Labour MPs – who’d have guessed it? (Not the MP)

In the Acknowledgements, I mention Andrew Sclanders’ treasure trove at Beat Books but in the website list I call it Better Books for some reason. No idea why, but it’s wrong. Beat Books it is

Ron tells me I’m still getting the Keyhole coffee bar in Osborne Road wrong, for which my apologies (I’m too young to remember you see)

(234) Numbers in brackets indicate page number references from my research (I was asked). I tried to eliminate the old way of writing, adding p for page/pp for pages (p 234) or (pp 234-5) but missed a couple

About a third of the print run of 300 have gone already, but I’m not anticipating a reprint. If there is, I’ll correct those things. If not, I’m happy to apologise and publish corrections here, so let me know if you spot any more.



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Mistakes?

  1. Here’s one I spotted – “Procul Harum”……..should be PROCOL ! 🙂

  2. Early on in the book there is a date of Month and Year – no space between the 2. Trivial I know but these things always jump out at me. Also, and the biggest mistake in my book, you spelt my surname wrong. Fosbrook not Fosbrooke. Nevermind I guess that means a double whammy for me if the book ever goes Platinum. 1) I’m mentioned and 2) I’m misspelt .

    • I’m sorry Chris. I’m always worried about the first bit (Fossy but Fos) but messed up the second. I’m struggling with your other point though. There are quite a few day.month.year dates early on (pages 15, 17, 23 etc) but in each case the style I use is to separate them with fullstops, no spaces. That’s my preference. Maybe you mean something else?

  3. “Englebert Humperdinck” – should be Engelbert !

  4. Well Typos and all I still would like to buy a copy. Dave are there any places on line that are selling it?

  5. you sure young David Mussell isn`t a frustrated never made it school teacher-he seems to be enjoying all this marking business- he`ll be putting silver and gold stars in the book soon and several “must do betters” in the margins!

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