So maybe after all these years


I’m really just a pop/funk/disco fan

I’ve dipped in and out of Glastonbury on the TV this weekend and I have two thoughts

The sun shone for much of the time. I’ve been to two Glastonburys and never saw the sun

Among the new acts, I rather liked Rag & Bone Man, while Shaggy was lively, but of the other acts I saw, my favourites were (in this order I think) Nile Rodgers & Chic, the Jacksons and Barry Gibb (nice band).

By contrast, I don’t really get Radiohead (yawn), the Killers were noisy and the Foo Fighters epitomised most of what I hate about ROCK.

Did you watch anything?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

12 thoughts on “So maybe after all these years

  1. Ed Sheeran is on now. Is he Joan Armatrading in disguise?

  2. The fantastic Flaming Lips, Mike B

    • Missed them I’m afraid. I did see Katy Perry – I guess I’m too old for that, but I do ‘get’ her. If I was a 14-year-old girl (I used to be) I guess I’d love her. One thing that struck me, from what I did see, is that the blues as a key root of popular music is entirely a thing of the past. The whole, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Stones, Zeppelin things is done and gone now – following even longer gone jazz. There again, soul/funk is alive and kicking.

  3. In case you missed any on the BBC here is the full line-up. That’s if you have the time to go through them all. It is quite interesting to note that some of the “New” bands of several years ago, who would have been performing on the Pyramid or Other Stages then, are now playing to a much smaller audience in some of the tented stages,



  4. Just rolled in after my first Glasto visit – far too late in life, for many reasons. Didn’t bother with many headliners although Laura Marling was superb. The Acoustic (very loosely!) stage was excellent – in particular Andy Fairweather Low gave a great performance. Other highlights for me were Father John Misty, Pretenders, Lorde, Ryley Walker, London Grammar and Ani de Franco. Very diverse and enjoyable, but once will probably be enough!

    • You got good weather Philip. I went twice in the mid-90s. The first year the weather was awful and the following year it was far worse! We were playing, so we got free weekend tickets, but the second year, after we played on the Saturday, I went home. When I got there, I just threw away my boots!

      • You’re dead right about the acts.Its always the oldies that save the day.There are no big name new bands.
        Just been talking to Lenny bout same thing..music today is so insipid and doesnt reflect whats going on in this country..

      • One thing that did strike me was the comparison to the 1970 IOW which I was at. The sheer scale of size of site, number of stages, venues, outlets etc at Glastonbury for 170,000 seems somewhat at odds with the claim of 600,000 for the IOW with its one stage and very limited outlets of any kind. It would be interesting to learn of what, if any, work has been done to try and ascertain the real number.

  5. 600,000 Tickets to Ryde would have given the ferryboat company a real boost in earnings and profits. That would be the place to start looking if it is public record since everything else has faded into the mists of time.

  6. best ‘turn’ this year…………………CHIC……top show from Mr Rodgers and his brilliant band…..tight as a ducks arse !!!!!

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